'Enter Volume Label' when the Label Is Corrupt

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Some versions of MS-DOS require you to enter the volume label whenformatting a hard drive or deleting an MS-DOS drive using the FDISKcommand. However, if the volume label is corrupted or was changed by athird-party utility to contain lowercase letters, this is impossible.

To correct this problem, you can use the LABEL command to delete the volumelabel, then use FORMAT or FDISK. When you are prompted for the volumelabel, press ENTER (which indicates no volume label).

If LABEL doesn't successfully delete the volume label, you can use thefollowing debug script to erase the first sector of the drive and make itappear unformatted. FORMAT and FDISK can then be used.
To erase the first sector of the drive, do the following.

NOTE: You should not use the following procedure if you are notplanning to delete or reformat the drive in question. In general, thisis necessary only when the organization of the drive or theinformation in the drive has been severely damaged.

To start Debug, type debug and pressENTER key.
 Debug     Enter Debug Prompt    Commands         Comments -------   -------------    --------    -      F 100 L 200 0    Create a sector of zeros at address 100.    -      W 100 2 0 1      Write information at address 100 to sector                            0 of drive 2*                            *2 is drive C, 3 is drive D,                             4 is drive E, and so on.    -      Q                Quit DEBUG.				
For MS-DOS versions 5.x and later, you can use the following command toresolve this issue:
   format /q /v:VOLUME x:				
where "VOLUME" is the new volume name you want to assign to the hard diskdrive, and "x:" is the drive letter you want to format.

MS-DOS versions 3.x FORMAT commands require you to enter the volumelabel to format a hard disk.

In all MS-DOS versions, FDISK requires you to enter a volume label;however, in MS-DOS 5.0 and later it checks for unprintable characters inthe volume label. If unprintable characters exist, FDISK treats the volumelabel as if does not exist.
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