Windows 3.1 Hardware Compatibility List

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The Hardware Compatibility Test (HCT) is a series of tests run from a shellwithin Microsoft Windows version 3.1. The tests are run in standard modeonly for 80286-based systems, and in both standard and 386 enhanced modefor 80386- or 80486-based systems. The tests evaluate such things as:

  • Memory-resident programs
  • Screen display
  • Interpretation of keystrokes and mouse actions
  • Performance of selected tasks within Windows File Manager and Windows Print Manager
The HCT includes additional tests for computers with math coprocessors andmultimedia capabilities.

If the results of the HCT show that the system has satisfactorily passedcompatibility requirements, the system may be added to the Windows HCL andcan display the Windows Compatible logo.

The following computers, displays, printers, networks, pointing devices andkeyboards have been certified for use with Microsoft Windows version 3.1.This list was current at the time it was published (4/92). Additionalsystems may have been certified subsequent to publication and may not belisted below.

Computers Compatible with Windows Version 3.1

:3C! PRO 3:3C! PRO4:3C! Slim 386 C:3C! Slim 386 X:3C! Slim 486 C:3C! Slim 486 XAcer 1100/33Acer 1120SXAcer 1125EAcerAnyware 386SAcerFrame 3000SPAcerMate 386/33AcerPower 386SXAcerPower 486/33AcerPower 486SXAcerPower 500/20AcerPower 500/33Acros 340Acros 400Acros 525Acros 615Acros 620Acros 723Add-X AS 316sxAdd-X AS 320sxAdd-X AS 450ADLER ROYAL P45AEG Olystar 70 H20VAlcatel 701/33Alcatel 701/33Alcatel 7100/33Alcatel 7100/33Alcatel 801/20Alcatel 801/20Alcatel 8100/20Alcatel 8100/20Alcatel 8551Alcatel 8551Alcatel 901/33Alcatel 901/33Alcatel 9300/33Alcatel 9300/33Alcatel APC 701/33Alcatel APC 7100/33Alcatel APC 801/20Alcatel APC 8100/20Alcatel APC 8551Alcatel APC 901/33Alcatel APC 9300/33ALIF 386DX25 tiALIF 386DX33/64c tiALIF 386SX16 tiALIF 433DX128 tiALR Business STATION 386/33ALR Business STATION 486/33ALR Business STATION 486/50ALR Business STATION 486ASX/20ALR Business STATION 486SX/20ALR BusinessVEISA 386/33ALR BusinessVEISA 486/33ALR BusinessVEISA 486/50ALR MPS 386/33ALR MPS 486/33ALR MPS 486/50ALR MPS 486ASX/20ALR PowerFlex 386SX/16ALR PowerFlex 386SX/20ALR PowerFlex 486ASX/20ALR PowerFlex 486DX/25ALR PowerFlex FlyerALR PowerFlex Flyer 386SX/25ALR PowerFlex Flyer 486SX/20ALR PowerPRO VM 386/33ALR PowerPRO VM 486/33ALR PowerPRO VM 486/50ALR PowerPRO VM 486ASX/20ALR VIP 386SL/25 NotebookALR VIP M 386SX/20 NotebookALR VIP M 486SX/20 NotebookAmkly 386/25EAmkly 386/33EAmkly 486/25EAmkly 486/33EAmkly Station 386SX/20Amkly Station 486/33Amkly Station 486SX/20Amkly Station 486SX/25Amstrad PC-5286HD40Apricot FTsApricot FTs 386-25Apricot LS 386SX-20Apricot XEN-LS 386SX 16MApricot XEN-LS 386SX-20Apricot XEN-LS 486SX 20 MHzARES 486-33ASEM DS 286 16ASEM DS 386E-20ASEM SP 486EASI 386DX-25ASI 386DX-33ASI 386SX-16ASI 386SX-20ASI 486DX-33 ISAASI 486SX-20AST Advantage! 386SX/20AST Advantage! 486SX/20AST Advantage! 486SX/25AST Bravo 3/25SAST Bravo 386SX/20AST Bravo 486/25AST Bravo 486/33AST Premium 386/33AST Premium 386SX/16AST Premium 486/33AST Premium Exec 386SX/20AST Premium Exec 386SX/25AST Premium Exec 386SX/25 ColorAST Premium II 386/25AST Premium II 386/33AST Premium II 386SX/20AST Premium II 486/33AST Premium II 486SX/20Astrix 486/33 CompleteAT&T 6386/25 WGSAT&T 6386E WGSAustin 386/25VL WinstationAustin 386/33 Multi-MediaAustin 386/33 Multi-Media WinstationAustin 386/33 WinstationAustin 386/33-40VL WinstationAustin 386/40 WinstationAustin 386/SX16-20VL WinstationAustin 386SX (16/20/25) WinstationAustin 486/33E WintowerAustin 486/33I WinstationAustin 486/33VLI WinstationAustin Bell PAT48PX-433c/256 KB CacheBeaver Avanti 025Brett 386DX-25Brett 386DX-33/64K CacheBrett 386SX-16Brett 386SX-20Brett 386SX-25Brett 486DX-33:256K CacheBrett 486SX-20Brother BCN3386DX/33CBrother BCN5486SXCanon HS-20HCanon US-20YChicony NB5500SXLChicony NB6600SLChips MK38600DXChips MK38605DXCommodore C286-12Commodore C286-16Commodore C286-LTCommodore C386-25Commodore C386-25CCommodore C386SX-16Commodore C386SX-20Commodore C386SX-20CCommodore C386SX-LTCommodore C486-25CCommodore C486-33CCommodore C486SX-20Commodore PC 60-IIICommodore PC 70-IIICommodore T386-25CCommodore T486-25CCOMPAQ DESKPRO 286COMPAQ DESKPRO 286eCOMPAQ DESKPRO 386COMPAQ DESKPRO 386/20COMPAQ DESKPRO 386/20eCOMPAQ DESKPRO 386/25COMPAQ DESKPRO 386/25eCOMPAQ DESKPRO 386/25MCOMPAQ DESKPRO 386/33COMPAQ DESKPRO 386/33LCOMPAQ DESKPRO 386NCOMPAQ DESKPRO 386sCOMPAQ DESKPRO 386s/20COMPAQ DESKPRO 386s/20NCOMPAQ DESKPRO 486/25COMPAQ DESKPRO 486/33LCOMPAQ DESKPRO 486/33MCOMPAQ DESKPRO 486/50LCOMPAQ DESKPRO 486s/16MCOMPAQ DESKPRO 486s/25MCOMPAQ LTE 386/20COMPAQ LTE 386s/20COMPAQ LTE Lite 20COMPAQ LTE Lite 25COMPAQ PORTABLE 386COMPAQ PORTABLE 486cCOMPAQ PORTABLE IICOMPAQ PORTABLE IIICOMPAQ SLT 286COMPAQ SLT 386/20COMPAQ SYSTEMPRO 386/33COMPAQ SYSTEMPRO 486/33COMPAQ SYSTEMPRO/LT 386/25COMPAQ SYSTEMPRO/LT 486/33COMPAQ SYSTEMPRO/LT 486SX/25CompuAdd 316sCompuAdd 320SCCompuAdd 325LPCompuAdd 325SCCompuAdd 333CompuAdd 333LPCompuAdd 420SCompuAdd 425CompuAdd 433ECompuAdd 433ICompudyne 286/12Compudyne 3DN/25Compudyne 3DX/25Compudyne 3DX/33Compudyne 3SX/16Compudyne 3SX/16HMCompudyne 3SX/20Compudyne 3SX/20HMCompudyne 4DX/33Compudyne 4DX/33 YCompudyne 4DX/33LBCompudyne 4DX/33LBTMCCompudyne 4SX/20Cube 386 ATX SeriesCube 486 ATX SeriesCumulus GLC 386DX-25 with cacheCumulus GLC 386DX-25 without cacheCumulus GLC 386DX-33 with cacheCumulus GLC 386SX-16 with cacheCumulus GLC 386SX-16 without cacheCumulus GLC 386SX-20 with cacheCumulus GLC 386SX-20 without cacheCumulus GLC 486DX-25 with cacheCumulus GLC 486DX-25 without cacheCumulus GLC 486DX-33 with cacheCumulus GLC 486DX-33 without cacheCumulus GLC 486SX-20 with cacheCumulus GLC 486SX-20 without cacheCumulus GLC 487SX-20 with cacheCumulus WorkBox 386/dx/25Cumulus WorkBox 386/sx/16Cumulus WorkBox 386/sx/20Cumulus WorkBox 486/sx/20Daewoo CPC-2000DAK Industries BSR 386SX/16Data General Dasher II-386Sx/20AData General Dasher II-486/eeTEData General Dasher II-486Sx/20AData General Walkabout /320Data I/O Club 286Datamedia NETmate/sx20iDatamedia NETmate/sx420iDatamedia NETmate/sx425iDatapoint Svenska DPC386SXDatatech Grafika 3DDatatech Grafika 3EDigital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DECpc 316sxDECpc 320 SX NotebookDECpc 320pDECpc 333 PortableDECpc 420sxDECpc 433TDECStation 210DECStation 212DECStation 212lpDECStation 316DECStation 316+DECStation 316sxDECStation 320DECStation 320sxDECStation 325cDECStation 425DECStation 425cDell PowerLine 420DEDell PowerLine 420SEDell PowerLine 425DEDell PowerLine 425SEDell PowerLine 433DEDell PowerLine 433PDell PowerLine 433SEDell PowerLine 450DEDell PowerLine 450SEDell System 210Dell System 310Dell System 316Dell System 316SXDell System 320LTDell System 320LXDell System 320NDell System 320N+Dell System 320SXDell System 325Dell System 325DDell System 325PDell System 333DDell System 333PDell System 486D/20Dell System 486D/25Dell System 486D/33Dell System 486P/16Dell System 486P/20Dell System 486P/25Dell System 486P/33Donatec 486DX33 CacheDTK PEM-4001 80386-40 w/cacheDTK PKM-3330Y 80486-33 w/cacheElonex PC 325XBElonex PC-325XMElonex PC-333BElonex PC-333MElonex PC-420SXBElonex PC-420SXMElonex PC-450BElonex PC-450MEltech Research PCdel 4200 486SX/20Eltech Research PCdel 4300 486/33Eltech Research PCdel 9970 386/33Epson EISA Series 486/33Epson EISA Series 486/50Epson EISA Series 486SX/25Epson EL PlusEpson EL2 PlusEpson EL3/33Epson EL3/33Epson EL3s PlusEpson EL4s PlusEpson Equity 320SX PlusEpson Equity 386/20Epson Equity 386/25Epson Equity 386/25 PlusEpson Equity 386/33 PlusEpson Equity 386SXEpson Equity 386SX PlusEpson Equity 386SX/16 (diskless)Epson Equity 386SX/20 PlusEpson Equity 486SX/25 PlusEpson Express StationEpson NB-SL/20Epson NB-SL/25Epson NB-SL/25CEpson NB3s    (UK)Epson NB3s    (USA)Ergo Electronics Macro-3/40Ergo Electronics Macro-4/33Ergo Electronics Macro-4X/20Ergo Electronics Microtower-3/25Ergo Electronics Microtower-3/40Ergo Electronics Minipro-3/25Ergo Electronics System-3/40Everex AGI 386/33 EV-1851Everex AGI 486/33 EV-18134Everex Step 386/20  EV-1816Everex Step 386/25 EV-1816Everex Step 386/33 EV-18108Everex Step 486/33 EV-18113   12-slot EISAEverex Step 486/33 EV-1878Everex Step 486/33 EV-8038Everex Step 486sx/20 EV-18108+EV-18116Everex Step Server 386/33 EV-18108Everex Tempo 286/16 EV-1824Everex Tempo 386/25  EV-1869Everex Tempo Modular 386/25Everex Tempo Modular 386/33Everex Tempo Modular 486sx/25Everex Tempo-C 286/16 EV 18122Everex Tempo-C 386/33 EV-18103Everex Tempo-C 386SX/20 EV-8048Everex Tempo-C 386sx/20 EV18121Everex Tempo-C 486sx/20 EV 18103Flytech Carry-1 80386SXFlytech Carry-1 80386SXFlytech Carry-1 FT-5320Fujitsu MY320Fujitsu MY333Fujitsu MY420Fujitsu S-420Fujitsu S-4863Future AT 386DX-40Future AT 386SX-20Future AT 486 EISA 33Future AT 486DX-33Future AT 486SX-20G2 HL 386/33CG2 SL 286/16G2 SL 386/20G2 SL 386/33G2 SL 486/25G2 SL 486/33CGateway 2000 386-25 ISAGateway 2000 386-33C ISAGateway 2000 386SX-20Gateway 2000 386SX/16Gateway 2000 486-33 EISAGateway 2000 486-33 ISAGRiD 1720GRiD 1750GRiD 1755GRiD 286 isGRiD 286-MFPGRiD 286NGRiD 325scGRiD 386 is-16GRiD 386 is-20GRiD 386 is-25GRiD 386mcGRiD 386NXGRiD 386sx-MFPGRiD 386sx-MFP20GRiD 486ei-25/SRVGRiD 486ei-33GRiD ADT/425seGRiD MFP-320sGRiD MFP/420sGS 316MGS 31IEGS 31IMGS 325SGS 340DGS 386 DXH/40GS 386 SL/20GS 386S/16GS 386SXM 125GS 386SXM/16GS 425SGS 486SX/25GS 610GS 725GS Mastersport286Hantarex Vegas 3625NHantarex Vegas 3633Hantarex Vegas 386Hantarex Vegas 4620SHantarex Vegas 4633Hauppauge D3/33-01Hauppauge D3/33-02Headstart 486/20XPHeadstart 486SXHERMES H 260SHERMES H 320HERMES H 400HERMES H 400 EHERMES H 410HERMES WALKSTATION 386 33HERMES WALKSTATION 386 SXHERMES WALKSTATION SX20Hertz 386/33Hertz 386/SXHertz 486/33HP Vectra 286/12HP Vectra 386/16NHP Vectra 386/20NHP Vectra 386/25HP Vectra 386s/20HP Vectra 486/20HP Vectra 486/25HP Vectra 486/33THP Vectra 486s/20HP Vectra ES/12HP Vectra QS/16HP Vectra QS/16NHP Vectra QS/16sHP Vectra QS/20HP Vectra RS/16HP Vectra RS/20cHP Vectra RS/20cHP Vectra RS/25cIBM 30/286 with Snapin 386IBM 50 with Snapin 386IBM 60 with Snapin 386IBM 8540IBM 8550IBM 8550ZIBM 8557-SXIBM 8570-486IBM 8580IBM AT /Inboard 386 ATIBM AT 6MHz w/Snapin 386IBM L40SXIBM Model 25SXIBM PS/1 286IBM PS/2 55 NoteICL CS386sICL CX386s/25ICL DRS M75ICL FX486sICL MX486ICL NB386sIntel 300SX20Intel 301ZIntel 302/25Intel 386/33HIntel 401Intel 403EIntel 403E 33MHz 486CPU EISAIntel LP386SX-20Intel LP486/33EIntel X486EITOS 286/12ITOS 386SX/16ITOS 386SX/20ITOS 486/33KLH 386DX-40KLH 486DX-33KLH 486SXKontron IPLite Color 486/33Kontron PIC 386DX/20Leading Edge D3/33Leading Edge D3/33MTLeading Edge D3/SX20cLeading Edge D4/33Leading Edge D4/SX20Leading Edge MT33Leading Edge N3/SX25Leading Technology PC Partner LXLeading Technology PC Partner QILeading Technology PC Partner QILeading Technology PC Partner VXLeading Technology PC Partner VXLeading Technology PC Partner XILeading Technology PC Partner ZILeading Technology PC Partner ZXLeading Technology PC Partner ZXLinear Dynamics 386DX-40Linear Dynamics 486DX-33Linear Dynamics 486SXLodestar Computers 386-33Lodestar Computers 386-33 SystemLueski G-M340V-130-4MLueski G-MT 433-210-4MMaxstation 486/20XPMaxstation 486SXMaxum 3020Maxum 3133Maxum 3140Maxum 4133Memorex Telex 8036Memorex Telex 8057Memorex Telex 8067Memorex Telex 8080Memorex Telex 8090Memorex Telex 8257Memorex Telex 8267Memorex Telex 8280Mind 386-25Mind 386-33Mind 386-40Mind 386SX-16Mind 386SX-25Mind 486-25Mind 486-33Mind 486-33 EISAMind 486-50Mind 486SX-20MInd 486SX-25Mitac 3026EMitac 3027FMitac 3060DMitac 3060FMitac 3060GMitac 3062EMitac 3062FMitac 3072FMitac 4060FMitac 4060GMitac D3033Mitac D4033Mitac D4125Mitsubishi MP-386NCR System 3000 Model 3210NCR System 3000 Model 3320  (3420)NCR System 3000 Model 3320  (3431)NCR System 3000 Model 3335NCR System 3000 Model 3345NEC PowerMate 286/12NEC PowerMate 286cNEC PowerMate 386/20NEC PowerMate 386/33ENEC PowerMate 386/33iNEC PowerMate SX/16NEC PowerMate SX/20NEC UltraLite 286VNEC UltraLite SL/20Nevis SVC 486/33Normerel CometeNormerel HexagoneNormerel Jupiter 386Normerel Jupiter 486Normerel Saturn 386Normerel Saturn 486Normerel Saturn 486DXNorthgate 386SX/25Northgate 486DX/33Northgate EISA 486Northgate Elegance SPNorthgate Elegance ZXPNorthgate Slimline SP 486DX/33Olivetti CP 486Olivetti CP 486/33Olivetti Laptop D33Olivetti Laptop S20Olivetti LSX5010Olivetti LSX5020Olivetti M300-25Olivetti M380Olivetti M480-10Olivetti M480-30Olivetti M486Olivetti Notebook S20Olivetti Notebook V16Olivetti P500Olivetti P500-10Olivetti P560Olivetti P750Olivetti P750-SOlivetti P800Olivetti PC Pro 290 SPOlivetti PC Pro 486SXOlivetti PCS 386SXOpus Panther SXOpus PC 4-286/16Opus PC 5-386Opus PC 7/40Opus PCSXOpus Powerstation SXOsborne 386-33Osborne 386SX-20Osborne 386SX-25Osborne 486-33 EISAPackard Bell 486-33Packard Bell 486-33DXPC 340PC Brand 286-12 systemPC Brand 386/33 Cache SystemPC Brand 386/SX-16 SystemPC Brand 386/SX-20 SystemPC Brand 386/SX-25 NotebookPC Brand 386sx-20 Cache SystemPC Brand 386SX-20 SystemPC Brand 386SX-20 SystemPC Brand 386sx-25 Cache SystemPC Brand 386sx-25 SystemPC Brand 486-33 SystemPC Brand 486-50 SystemPC Brand 486/33 EISA Cache SystemPC Brand 486/50 Cache SystemPC Brand 486/50 EISA Cache SystemPC Brand 486sx-20 Cache SystemPC Brand 486sx-20 SystemPhilips MPCPhilips PCD 215Philips PCD 315Philips PCL 304Pioneer P386 CPioneer P386 XPioneer P486 CTPioneer P486 XPoly 12/486-33/sfPoly 486-33EPoly 486-50VPoly 486/25sxPoly 486/33E (EISA)Positive PC-1000 286-12Positive PC-1000 386sx-20Positive PC-1000 386sx-20cPositive PC-1000 386sx-25Positive PC-1000 386sx-25cPositive PC-1000 486-33Positive PC-1000 486-50Positive PC-1000 486sx-20cPositive PC-2000 286-12Positive PC-2000 386sx-20Positive PC-2000 386sx-20cPositive PC-2000 386sx-25Positive PC-2000 386sx-25cPositive PC-2000 486-33Positive PC-2000 486/50Positive PC-2000 486sx-20cPositive PC-3000 386/sx-20Positive PC-3000 386sx-25Positive PC-3000 486/50Positive PC-325Positive PC-340Precision 386sx/20 ISAPrecision 486/33 ISAPremier 386DX-40Premier 486DX-33Premier 486SXProfessional 486/20XPProfessional 486SXProj 559RQNIX Omni 386sx/20cRadiSys EPC-2RadiSys EPC-3RadiSys EPC-4RadiSys EPC-5RadiSys EPC-6RadiSys EPC-7RadiSys RIC 386Reply Model 32 386/33cReseach Machines M-Series PC 286Reseach Machines M-Series PC 386Research Machines Nimbus AX/2Samsung Desk Master 386S/25N   (SD740)Samsung Desk Master 486S/25   (SD923N)Sanyo MBC-17 PLUSSanyo MBC-17LXSanyo MBC-17NBSanyo MBC-18NBSanyo MBC-18PLUSSanyo MBC-18SXMTSanyo MBC-27MTSeanix ASI 9000 (386DX)Seanix ASI 9000 (386SX)Seanix ASI 9000 (486DX)Siemens Nixdorf 8810 /30Siemens Nixdorf 8810 /50Siemens Nixdorf PCD-2BSiemens Nixdorf PCD-2MSiemens Nixdorf PCD-2NSiemens Nixdorf PCD-3BsxSiemens Nixdorf PCD-3MSiemens Nixdorf PCD-3MsxSiemens Nixdorf PCD-3NslSiemens Nixdorf PCD-3Nsx/16Siemens Nixdorf PCD-3Nsx/20Siemens Nixdorf PCD-3RsxSiemens Nixdorf PCD-3TSiemens Nixdorf PCD-3TsxSiemens Nixdorf PCD-4GsxSiemens Nixdorf PCD-4MSiemens Nixdorf PCD-4MsxSiemens Nixdorf PCD-4RsxSiemens Nixdorf PCD-4TSiemens Nixdorf PCD-4TsxSiemens Nixdorf PCE-4CSiemens Nixdorf PCM-3Dsx/20Siemens Nixdorf PCM-4TSiemens Nixdorf PWS M30Siemens Nixdorf PWS M50Siemens Nixdorf PWS M60Siemens Nixdorf PWS M70Steiner POWER STC i80386DX-33Steiner POWER STC i80386SX-16/20Steiner POWER STC i80386SX/25Steiner POWER STC i80486-33Steiner POWER STC i80486-33 ISASteiner POWER STC i80486SX-20/25SWAN 286/16  DesktopSWAN 386/33M DesktopSWAN 386/33M TowerSWAN 386SX/16 DesktopSWAN 386SX/20SWAN 386SX/20 NotebookSWAN 386SX/25 DesktopSWAN 486/33 DesktopSWAN 486/33 TowerSWAN 486/33E DesktopSWAN 486/33M DesktopSWAN 486/33M TowerSWAN 486SX/20 DesktopSWAN 486SX/20 TowerSWAN 486SX/20M DesktopSWAN 486SX/20M TowerSWAN 486SX/25 DesktopSWAN 486SX/25 TowerSWAN 486SX/25M DesktopSWAN 486SX/25M TowerSWAN 487SX/20 DesktopSWAN 487SX/20 TowerSWAN 487SX/25 DesktopSWAN 487SX/25 TowerSYNCOMP MEGA+386i-33 PCSYNCOMP MEGA+386i-40 PCSYNCOMP MEGA+486i-33 PCSYNCOMP MICRO 386i-33 PCSYNCOMP MICRO 386i-40 PCSYNCOMP MICRO 386SXi-16 PCSYNCOMP MICRO 386SXi-20 PCSYNCOMP MICRO 386SXi-25 PCSYNCOMP MINI 386i-33 PCSYNCOMP MINI 386i-40 PCSYNCOMP MINI 486i-33 PCSYNCOMP MINI 486SXi-20 PCSYNCOMP MINI SXI-16 PCSYNCOMP NETerm 386SXi-16 PCSYNCOMP NETerm 386SXi-20 PCSYNCOMP ProSport PortableTandem CP 386SX/20Tandem EP 486/25Tandon 286/NTandon 386/20Tandon 386/25Tandon 386/33Tandon 386/33 TowerTandon 386/NTandon 386/N-16Tandon 386/N-20Tandon 386/N-25Tandon 486/33Tandon 486/50 DesktopTandon 486/50 TowerTandon Corp. MCS 286/12Tandon Corp. MCS 386sx/20Tandon Corp. MCS 386sx/20cTandon Corp. MCS 386sx/25Tandon Corp. MCS 386sx/25cTandon Corp. MCS 486/33Tandon Corp. MCS 486/50Tandon Corp. MCS 486sx/20cTandon Corp. MCS Pro 386/33Tandon Corp. MCS Pro 486/33Tandon Corp. MCS Pro 486/50Tandon Corp. MCS Pro 486sx/20Tandon Corp. Option 286/12Tandon Corp. Option 386sx/20Tandon Corp. Option 386sx/20cTandon Corp. Option 386sx/25Tandon Corp. Option 386sx/25cTandon Corp. Option 486/33Tandon Corp. Option 486/50Tandon Corp. Option 486sx/20cTandon Corp. Option Pro 386/33Tandon Corp. Option Pro 486/33Tandon Corp. Option Pro 486/50Tandon Corp. Option Pro 486sx/20Tandon Notebook 386sx/16Tandon Notebook 386sx/25Tandon Pac 286 8MhzTandon PacII 386sx-25cTandon PacII 386sx/20Tandon PacII 486/33Tandon PacII 486/50Tandon Tower 386/33Tandon Tower 486/33Tandy 2500SXTandy 2500SX/20Tandy 2500SX/25Tandy 2500XLTandy 2500XL2Tandy 2810Tandy 2820Tandy 3000NLTandy 3810Tandy 3820Tandy 4000Tandy 4000LXTandy 4000SXTandy 4016DXTandy 4016SXTandy 4020LXTandy 4020SXTandy 4025LXTandy 4820SX/TTandy 4825SXTandy 4833LX/TTandy 4850Tandy 5000MCTexas Instruments TravelMate 3000Texas Instruments TravelMate 3000 WinSXTiki-386 DX-33Tiki-386 SXTiki-386 SX LightTiki-486 SX-20Tiki-486-33eTiki-486-33iTiko PS 325Tiko PS 325CTiko PS 340CTiko PS 420CTiko PS 433CToshiba DynaBook V386Toshiba J-3100ZXToshiba T1200XEToshiba T2000Toshiba T2000SXToshiba T2200SXToshiba T3100eToshiba T3100SXToshiba T3200Toshiba T3200SXToshiba T3200SXCToshiba T3300SLToshiba T4400SXToshiba T5200Toshiba T5200CToshiba T6400Toshiba T6400SXCToshiba T8500Tri Gem SX386ETriGem 286E+TriGem 486XETriGem SX386/20NPTriGem SX386M+TriGem SX486ETRIUMPH ADLER P45TRIUMPH ADLER TA DARIO 386 SXTRIUMPH ADLER TA DARIO 486TRIUMPH ADLER TA DARIO 486 SXTRIUMPH ADLER TA DARIO 486 SXETRIUMPH ADLER TA DARIO S/20TRIUMPH ADLER TA WALKSTATION 386 33TRIUMPH ADLER TA WALKSTATION 386 SXTRIUMPH ADLER TA WALKSTATION SX20Tulip AT 386/25Tulip NB 386sxTulip TR 486eTulip Vision 1Tulip Vision Line DC CompactTulip Vision Line DC/DT 286Tulip Vision Line DC/DT 386SXTulip Vision Line DE/TR 486dx/e-33Tulip Vision Line DE/TR 486sx/e-25Tulip Vision Line DT 486dx/e-33Tulip Vision Line DT 486sx/e-25Tulip Vision Line TR 486sx/eTulip Vision Line WS 386sxUltra-Comp 386-25 Non-Cache PowerUltra-Comp 386-33 PowerUltra-Comp 386SX-20 PowerUltra-Comp 486-33 EISA PowerUltra-Comp 486-33 ISA PowerUltra-Comp 486SX-20 PowerUnisys Option LWS 286Unisys Option LWS 386Unisys Option PP 386DXUnisys Option PP 386SXUnisys Option PW2 3162Unisys Option PW2 3203Unisys Option PW2 3206Unisys Option PW2 3256Unisys Option PW2 3336Unisys Option PW2 3336 80386/DXUnisys Option PW2 4336Unisys Option PW2 500/16AUnisys Option PW2 500/20AUnisys Option PW2 600/20SXUnisys Option PW2 800/20Unisys Option PW2 800/20CUnisys Option PW2 800/25AUnisys Option PW2 800/33AUnisys Option PW2 800/486-25AUnisys Option PW2 Advantage Model 3163Unisys Option PW2 Advantage Model 3256Victor V286/16MVictor V286/16MWVictor V286DVictor V386-25MVictor V386-33MVictor V386/20MWXVictor V386/20MXVictor V386/25MTVictor V386/25MWVictor V386/33MTVictor V386/33MWVictor V386DSXVictor V486/20MTXVictor V486/20MWXVictor V486/20MXVictor V486/33MVictor V486/33MTVictor V486/33MWVictor V486/33SFEVictor Vicki 286Victor Vicki 386sxVideo Technology Laser 286/XVideo Technology Laser 386Video Technology Laser 386SXEVideo Technology Laser 486Video Technology Laser 486SXVideo Technology Laser LT321Video Technology Laser PAL 386SXViglen Genie 3DX33Viglen Genie 3SX25Viglen Genie 4DX33Viglen Genie 4SX20WANG EC 480/25CWANG EC 480/33CWANG EXEC 3000WANG EXEC 3051WANG EXEC 3100WANG EXEC 3110WANG EXEC 3120WANG EXEC 3131WANG EXEC 3450WANG EXEC 3500WANG EXEC 3501WANG MC 350/16SWANG PC 240WANG PC 280WANG PC 280/20WANG PC 321/16SWANG PC 321/20SWANG PC 350/33CWANG PC 350/40CWANG PC 361/20SWANG PC 361/25SCWANG PC 380/33CWANG PC 381Western 386SX25VCWestern 486H33Western386V33WYSE Decision 386/25WYSE Decision 386/40WYSE Decision 386SX/16 (slimline)WYSE Decision 386sx/16sWYSE Decision 386sx/16s (slim line)WYSE Decision 386sx/20WYSE Decision 486/25WYSE Decisionmate SX Laptop (slim line)WYSE pc Model 3016sxXYCOM 8450-5164Zenith Data Systems Z-320/SXZenith Data Systems Mastersport 286Zenith Data Systems Mastersport 386SXZenith Data Systems 486DX 25Zenith Data Systems Z-LS/20Zenith Data Systems Supersport SXZenith Data Systems Z-386/25Zenith Data Systems Z-386SXZeos 386-25CAZeos 386-25NCZeos 386-35MWSZeos 486-33EZeos 486-33UZeos 486SX-20Zeos MXA386-33Zeos Notebook 386SX16				


COMPAC Portable PlasmaEGA (enhanced graphics adapter) with color displayEGA (enhanced graphics adapter) with black and white displayEGA (enhanced graphics adapter) with monochrome displayHerculees with high-resolution monochrome displayIBM 8514/AIBM MCGA (multicolor graphics array)IBM XGAOlivetti/AT&T monochrome or PVC displaySuper VGATIGAVGAVGA with monochrome displayVideo 7 (FastWrite, 1024i, VRAM, VRAMII)				


Agfa 9000 Series PSAgfa Compugraphic 400PSAgfa Compugraphic GenicsAgfa-Compugraphic 9400PApple Laser WriterApple Laser Writer II NTApple Laser Writer II NTXApple Laser Writer PlusApricot LaserAST TurboLaser/PSAT&T 435AT&T 470/475AT&T 473/478C-Itoh 8510Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-300Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-330Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-10eCanon Bubble-Jet BJ-130eCanon LBP-4Canon LBP-8 IICanon LBP-8 IIICitizen 120DCitizen 180DCitizen 200GXCitizen 200GX/15Citizen GSX-130Citizen GSX-140Citizen GSX-140+Citizen GSX-145Citizen HSP-500Citizen HSP-550Citizen PN 48Dataproducts LZR-2665Diconix 150 PlusDigital Colormate PSDigital DEClaser 1150Digital DEClaser 2150Digital DEClaser 2250Digital DEClaser 3250Digital LN03R ScriptPrinterDigital PrintServer 20/turboDigital PrintServer 40Epson DFX-5000Epson EPL-6000Epson EPL-7000Epson EPL-7500Epson EX-1000Epson EX-800Epson FX-100Epson FX-100+Epson FX-1050Epson FX-185Epson FX-286Epson FX-286eEpson FX-80Epson FX-80+Epson FX-85Epson FX-850Epson FX-86eEpson GQ-3500Epson JX-80Epson L-1000Epson L-750Epson LQ-1000Epson LQ-1050Epson LQ-1070 ESC/P 2Epson LQ-1170 ESC/P 2Epson LQ-1500Epson LQ-2500Epson LQ-2550Epson LQ-500Epson LQ-510Epson LQ-570 ESC/P 2Epson LQ-800Epson LQ-850Epson LQ-870 ESC/P 2Epson LQ-950Epson LX-80Epson LX-800Epson LX-810Epson LX-86Epson MX-100Epson MX-80Epson MX-80 F/TEpson MX-80 F/T+Epson SQ-2000Epson SQ-2500Epson T-1000Epson T-750Fujitsu DL 2400Fujitsu DL 2600Fujitsu DL 3300Fujitsu DL 3400Fujitsu DL 5600Fujitsu DL 2100Fujitsu DL 2200Fujitsu DL 2300Fujitsu DL 2400Hermes H 606Hermes H 606 PS(13 fonts)Hermes H 606 PS(35 fonts)HP 7470A (HP Plotter)HP 7475A (HP Plotter)HP 7550A (HP Plotter)HP 7580A (HP Plotter)HP 7580B (HP Plotter)HP 7585B (HP Plotter)HP 7586B (HP Plotter)HP ColorPro (HP Plotter)HP ColorPro with GEC (HP Plotter)HP DeskJetHP DeskJet 500HP DeskJet 500CHP DeskJet PlusHP DraftMaster I (HP Plotter)HP DraftMaster II (HP Plotter)HP DraftPro (HP Plotter)HP DraftPro DXL (HP Plotter)HP DraftPro EXL (HP Plotter)HP LaserJetHP LaserJet 2000HP LaserJet 500+HP LaserJet IIDHP LaserJet IID PostScriptHP LaserJet IIIHP LaserJet III PostScriptHP LaserJet IIIDHP LaserJet IIID PostScriptHP LaserJet IIIPHP LaserJet IIISiHP LaserJet IIISi PostScriptHP LaserJet IIPHP LaserJet IIP PlusHP LaserJet IIP PostScriptHP LaserJet PlusHP LaserJet Series IIHP PaintJetHP PaintJet XLHP ThinkJet (2225 C-D)IBM Color PrinterIBM ExecJetIBM GraphicsIBM Laser Printer 4019IBM LaserPrinter 4019 PS17IBM LaserPrinter 4019 PS39IBM LaserPrinter 4029 PS17IBM LaserPrinter 4029 PS39IBM Personal Page Printer II-30IBM Personal Page Printer II-31IBM Personal PagePrinterIBM ProprinterIBM Proprinter IIIBM Proprinter IIIIBM Proprinter X24IBM Proprinter X24eIBM Proprinter XLIBM Proprinter XL IIIBM Proprinter XL IIIIBM Proprinter XL24IBM Proprinter XL24eOceColor G5242 PSIBM PS/1IBM QuickWriter 5204IBM QuietWriter IIIKyocera F-5000 (USA)Kyocera F-Series (USA)Linotronic 200/230Linotronic 330Linotronic 530Linotronic 630Microtek TrueLaserNEC Colormate PS/40NEC Colormate PS/80NEC Pinwriter CP6NEC Pinwriter CP7NEC Pinwriter P2200NEC Pinwriter P5200NEC Pinwriter P5300NEC Pinwriter P5XLNEC Pinwriter P6NEC Pinwriter P7NEC Pinwriter P9XLNEC Silentwriter LC 860 PlusNEC Silentwriter LC890NEC Silentwriter LC890XLNEC Silentwriter2 290NEC Silentwriter2 90NEC Silentwriter2 990OceColor G5241 PSOki OL840/PSOkidata ML 192Okidata ML 192 PlusOkidata ML 193Okidata ML 193 PlusOkidata ML 193-IBMOkidata ML 320Okidata ML 320-IBMOkidata ML 321Okidata ML 321-IBMOkidata ML 380Okidata ML 390Okidata ML 391Okidata ML 391 PlusOkidata ML 393Okidata ML 393 PlusOkidata ML 393COkidata ML 393C PlusOkidata ML 92-IBMOkidata ML 93-IBMOkidata OL-400Okidata OL-800Olivetti DM 109Olivetti DM 309Olivetti ETV 5000Olivetti PG 108Olivetti PG 208 M2Olivetti PG 303Olivetti PG 306Olivetti PG 306 PS (13 fonts)Olivetti PG 306 PS (35 fonts)Olivetti PG 308 HSOlivetti PG 308 HS PostScriptPanasonic KX-P1123Panasonic KX-P1124Panasonic KX-P1180Panasonic KX-P1624Panasonic KX-P1695Panasonic KX-P4420Panasonic KX-P4455 V51.4QMS ColorScript 100QMS-PS 2200QMS-PS 800QMS-PS 800 PlusQMS-PS 810QMS-PS 820QuadLaser ISeiko ColorPoint PS Model 04Seiko ColorPoint PS Model 14Tandy LP-1000Tegra GenesisTektronix Phaser II PXTektronix Phaser II PXiTektronix Phaser III PXiTI 850/855TI microLaser PS17TI microLaser PS35TI OmniLaser 2108TI OmniLaser 2115Toshiba P1351Toshiba P351Toshiba PageLaser 12Triumph Adler SDR 7706Triumph Adler SDR 7706 PS13Triumph Adler SDR 7706 PS35Unisys AP9210Unisys AP9415Varityper VT-600Wang LCS15Wang LCS15 FontPlusWang LDP8				


3Com 3+Open LAN Manager3Com 3+ShareArtisoft LANtastic version 3.0 or higherBanyan VINES version 4.0 or higherDEC Pathworks version 4.0 or higherIBM OS/2 LAN Server version 1.2 or higherIBM PC LAN ProgramMicrosoft LAN ManagerMicrosoft Networks (or 100% compatible)Novell NetWare workstation shell version 3.01 or higherTCS 10Net version 4.1 or higher				

Pointing Devices

Genius serial mouseHP mouse (HP-HIL)IBM PS/2 mouseLogitech mouseMicrosoft BallPoint mouseMicrosoft MouseMouse Systems serial or bus mouseOlivetti/AT&T keyboard mouse				


All AT-type keyboards (8486 keys)AT&T '301' keyboardAT&T '302' keyboardEnhanced 101- or 102-key U.S. and non-U.S.keyboardsHewlett-Packard Vectra keyboard (DIN)Olivetti 101/102 A keyboardOlivetti 83-key keyboardOlivetti 86-key keyboardOlivetti M24 102-key keyboardPC-XT 83-key keyboardPC/XT-type keyboard (84 keys)				
3.1 3.10 hcl supported video

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Microsoft Windows 3.1 Standard Edition

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