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List of issues that are fixed in Word 2002 by Office XP Service Pack 3

Microsoft has released Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3). This article describes the issues that are fixed for Microsoft Word 2002. For additional information about how to download and install the Office XP SP3, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
832671 Description of Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 3 (S832671)

Word 2002 issues that are fixed by Office XP SP3

The update fixes the issues that are described in the following Microsoft hotfix package articles:
823329 Availability of the Word 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package: July 3, 2003
823957 Availability of the Word 2002 Post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix Package: July 18, 2003
823961 Availability of the Word 2002 Post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix Package: July 27, 2003
823962 Availability of the Office XP Post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix Package: July 28, 2003
823972 Availability of the Word 2002 Post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix Package: August 9, 2003
825814 Availability of the Word 2002 Post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix Package: August 15, 2003
827138 Availability of the Word 2002 Post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix Package: August 21, 2003
827971 Word 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package: September 12, 2003
827973 Office XP post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package: September 12, 2003
827980 Word 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package: September 19, 2003
827986 Word 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package: September 25, 2003
829342 Office XP post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package: October 7, 2003
The update fixes the issues that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:
290981 WD2002: The "File Conversion Encoding" dialog box appears when you open text file
293005 OL2002: Outlook attachments appear in Most Recently Used list
327043 WD2002: Word sorts columns incorrectly
821526 Word 2002 crashes when you print a document in the background
822528 WD2002: Control toolbox controls revert to design mode when you scroll in document
822716 Word 2002 VBA routine that steps through the paragraphs collection of a document runs slower than expected
822847 WD2002: "Word has encountered a problem" error message when you open a document
822891 WD2002: Shapes that contain text are resized when you open a Word 2000 document in Word 2002
823154 When You Bookmark a Number of ListNum Fields All the Cross-references Appear the Same
823200 WD2002: Cross-reference fields in a compared document show as zero
823233 WD2002: Error message when you attach an address list in the Mail Merge Wizard
823476 Not able to save changes to a network shared Word document
823777 WD2002: Quotation marks in Chinese document change to different characters
827340 WD2002: You cannot underline a tab that is in a numbered list
286864 WD2002: Cannot browse forward and back on Web toolbar
292097 WD2002: Nothing happens when you click a picture that contains a hyperlink
292158 WD2002: All document page numbers are unexpectedly changed to 0 (zero)
292174 WD2002: Error message: The formatting in this document is too complex. Please full save the document now.
308937 FIX: Word 2002 Returns an Error on Call to IPrint::Print Although Document Prints
320902 WD2002: Deleted text re-appears in document after you review changes
324328 WD2002: Password prompt when you close a Word Document you opened in a Web browser
325527 WD2002: Document printed with wide right margin and small text if you turn off balloons
325620 WD2002: Document with an embedded object prompts for a save after you set the saved property
326041 WD2002: You cannot select the frame or the text inside the frame when you create a Word document that contains a frame
327579 WD2002: Month and day are not displayed in the order you expect in a mail merge document linked to an external data source
327667 FIX Word2002: IOleObject::DoVerb Returns RPC_E_SERVERFAULT when opening some documents
327871 WD2002: Compare and merge documents feature shows inaccurate changes
328092 WD2002: Inserted tables are not aligned after you reopen the document
328100 WD2002: "The document name or path is not valid" error message when you open a document
328232 WD2002: Error message when you try to edit complex tables
328474 WD2002: One-page template opens as a two-page template
328528 WD2002: Excel chart pastes as object in non-English version
328683 WD2002: Text is lost or hidden in your Word document when you use the VBA SaveAs method
328707 WD2002: Tables in headers and footers shift right when you open Word 2002 document
329040 PPT2002: Autoshapes may not display when you use Microsoft Word and paste a table that contains AutoShapes to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
329280 Text that you delete and mark as hidden is printed when you use the Track Changes feature
329587 WD2002: Printer ignores custom N-up setting in Word
329808 WD2002: Word objects convert to graphics when you use the Close button to close and save a document
329809 WD2002: The translation services do not start when you use a proxy server with Basic authentication
329815 WD2002: After you check in a document, AutoOpen or Document_open macros do not run as expected
329976 WD2002: Single-page tables expand to cover two pages
330300 WD2002: Error message "4198" when you close a Word table object
330432 WD2002: Text loses paragraph numbering when pasted into new document
331325 FIX: Word 2002 may drop keyboard input on Windows 98 and Windows Me when Accessibility client runs
331492 WD2002: Excel worksheet object with color text is printed black
331899 WD2002: Rotated text in a table may not print rotated as expected
331941 WD2002: Setting DeletedTextMark property with revision balloons turned off causes incorrect document formatting
331945 WD2002: The BeforeClose event does not run when the "Windows in Taskbar" check box is cleared
332114 WD2002: Fonts change in text form fields
810162 WD2002: Task pane is not displayed on startup
810361 FIX: Unformatted text link gives error on insert or update inside a table
811946 Outlook stops responding (hangs) when you reply to an e-mail message
812637 WD2002: When you use Word 2002 to open a Word 97 document the NumberPosition property does not retain a set value
813815 WD2002: Conditional field that references AutoText entries does not completely update the first time
813816 WD2002: Paragraph mark in the header remains after you delete the text in the header
814137 WD2002: Font changes when character is typed in third-party IME
814407 WD2002: Cancelling save of a document that contains tracked changes or comments creates a false record in DMS
814482 WD2002: Track changes places balloon in wrong location when you delete footnote text
814507 WD2002: Pictures in document opened on floppy or a network drive change to red X when you use custom program
814673 WD2002: Rows or columns are missing from a pasted Microsoft Excel worksheet
815006 WD2002: VBA Find.Execute ReplaceAll method does not return the original selection
815621 WD2002: Custom toolbar in template causes Word to error when exiting
816476 WD2002: Fonts change in text form fields that you insert through AutoText
816478 WD2002: Multiple copies of the same list style in the formatting pane
817000 WD2002: French: Manual duplex incorrectly translated as duplex printing
818052 WD2002: Word ignores pages per sheet setting when you print from wdDialogFilePrint dialog object
818328 WD2002: The text that is wrapped around a right-to-left table appears under the table in a printed document
818791 WD2002: RTF files open slowly and scroll slowly
820734 WD2002: Included file that contains merge fields does not suppress blank lines in mail merge

Additional issues that are fixed by Office XP SP3

Additionally, the issues in this section are also fixed by Office XP SP3.

After you install security update MSO3-035, Word 2002 stops responding when you run a custom VBA code

After you apply the security update that is described in article 827653 (MSO3-035) "MS03-035: Flaw in Microsoft Word could enable macros to run automatically", when you try to run a custom Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) application or use a .dot template with VBA macros, Word stops responding.

The Thai Bahttext function cannot convert numbers that are greater than 1230

You cannot covert a number that is greater than 1230 to the Thai currency, Baht, when you try to use the Bahttext function in Microsoft Office Word 2003 in a field code.

You cannot run the Pleading Wizard in Word 2002

When you try to run the Pleading Wizard, the wizard creates a blank document, stops running, and does not complete creating the Pleading document. This problem occurs when the Word Add-in for Microsoft Works Suite is loaded in Word 2002.

If you quit Word 2002 when a Microsoft Windows NT Basic Authentication dialog box appears, Word may continually request an Internet-based service

When you use Word, and then use an Internet-based feature that causes the Basic Authentication dialog box to appear, and then try to quit Word, Word appears to quit but continues to run in the background and continually requests the Internet service that you tried to use.

Multiple Arabic characters that you try to insert by using the ALT + numeric keypad do not insert as Bidirectional text

When you try to insert several Arabic characters by using the ALT + numeric keypad to enter in the Unicode sequence for the characters, they insert as a standard characters and not as Bidirectional characters.

When you create a Frames page, the name is truncated

If you create a new Frames page, when you examine the properties for the new frame, the Frame Name is truncated to the first letter of the name, typically the letter "F".

You cannot send a Word 2002 document to Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

You cannot send a Word 2002 outline to PowerPoint 2002 by using the Send to Microsoft PowerPoint feature of Word on a Microsoft Windows 98-based computer. When you try to do so, you may receive the following error message:
Word cannot find or run the application.

You receive the "The graphics filter was unable to convert this file" error message when you programmatically insert a picture into Word 2002

When you try to insert a picture into Word by using the VBA Application.Dialogs(wdDialogInsertPicture) function, you may receive the following runtime error message:
Run-time error '5382':
The graphics filter was unable to convert this file. (picture_file_name.ext)

The Date fields in Word 2002 display the incorrect month and year

When a Date field in Word contains the lowercase letter "b", the three letter month and two or four digit years appear with the incorrect year and the month appears as random characters.

The index entry is listed as one occurrence in the index

If you mark text that occurs on the same page in different sections of your document as an index entry, the marked text appears as a single entry listing, and only the first occurrence of the marked text appears in the index.

For example, the index entry occurs on page 1 of section 2 and on page 1 of section 3.

Nested bookmarks in your .rtf document change when you open the document

If you open an .rtf document that contains nested bookmarks while an .htm document that contains text in the header is already open in Word, the nested bookmarks may change in the .rtf document. For example, your .rtf document contains nested bookmarks that are similar to the following:
We are [testing] bookmarks] today
If you open the document while you also have an .htm document that contains text in the header open, the nested bookmarks in the .rtf document may change to the following example:
[We are [testing] bookmarks] today
Note To view the bookmarks in your Word document, on the Tools menu, click Options, click to select the Bookmarks check box on the View tab, and then click OK.

"Unknown Character" error message or result of zero when a field contains the E or the N character

A numeric field or numeric form field in Word may yield a result of 0 (zero) or evaluate to the following error message if it contains the E or the N character:
Error! Unknown character in picture string.

Microsoft Excel worksheets that have links to Word bookmarks may not update

When you open an Excel worksheet, you may be prompted to update the links to Word documents that are contained in the workbook. When you click to update the links, the links are not updated as expected.

Additionally, you may experience one of the following symptoms when you open your Excel worksheet:
  • Information in the Excel worksheet that is linked to bookmarks that are contained in the Word documents during the update appears as zeros (000), as pound signs (###), or as #NAME.
  • You receive the following error message:
    Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Word 2002 stops responding when you copy and paste large blocks of text

When you copy large blocks of text from Word, and then in a different program, Paste Special as RTF text, Word stops responding.

You receive an error message in Word 2002 You receive the following Word 2002 error message:
Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
To see what data this error report contains, click here.
When you view the data in the error report, the report contains an error signature that is similar to one of the following:
App Name        App Version     Module Name     Module Version  offset------------------------------------------------------------------------winword.exe       10.0.5815.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ced4winword.exe       10.0.5522.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ced4winword.exe       10.0.5522.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  000101acwinword.exe       10.0.5522.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.5522.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  10106winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ced4winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cdcbwinword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ce39winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  000101acwinword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0001934cwinword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ce35winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  10106winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  10102winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd21winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192b7winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd25winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4ewinword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011fe8winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ce8ewinword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192b4winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001ccbcwinword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd86winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cde5winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000cedbwinword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000cee3winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  19264winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.8  0000ee95winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  000101c6winword.exe       10.0.4524.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  0022604awinword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ced4winword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ce39winword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011fe8winword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4ewinword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cdcbwinword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ce35winword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000cdd2winword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd25winword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192b7winword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  000101acwinword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  10102winword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4awinword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ce8ewinword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  003a003awinword.exe       10.0.4219.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  fa72c968winword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011fe8winword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4ewinword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0001934cwinword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4awinword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ced4winword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  000101acwinword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011e2fwinword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192b7winword.exe       10.0.4109.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  10096winword.exe       10.0.4030.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4ewinword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011fe8winword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0001934cwinword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4awinword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ced4winword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cdcbwinword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192b7winword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd21winword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  10102winword.exe       10.0.4009.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0000005cwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0001934cwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ced4winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cdcbwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4ewinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192b7winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd21winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd25winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011fe8winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4awinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ce35winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ce32winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  10106winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  19313winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  19264winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd86winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cbffwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll  	5.2.3628.0  0000eb0dwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.22  000101acwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0000ffffwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0001925dwinword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.8  0000ee99winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  80000004winword.exe       10.0.3416.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  6c642e6cwinword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cdcbwinword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd21winword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192b7winword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd25winword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0001934cwinword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4awinword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.3579.0  12248winword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2526.0  19379winword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2526.0  000193d0winword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2505.0  000192bfwinword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001ccb5winword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd86winword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cd0fwinword.exe       10.0.2930.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  469367winword.exe       10.0.2627.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  0001934cwinword.exe       10.0.2627.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192bbwinword.exe       10.0.2627.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.1106  0000ced4winword.exe       10.0.2627.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011f4ewinword.exe       10.0.2627.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2409.7  0001cdcbwinword.exe       10.0.2627.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.0  000192b7winword.exe       10.0.2627.0     msctf.dll     5.1.2600.29  00011fe8
Additionally, other program versions, module versions, and offsets are possible.
wd2002 wd2k hangs freezes crashes inf OFFXP fix list security_patch security_update update security bug context flaw vulnerability malicious attacker exploit registry unauthenticated specially-formed scope specially-crafted affected

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