You receive error 0xC00D10B3 when you try to play online content

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When you try to play audio content or video content from an online resource, you receive one the following error messages:
0xC00D10B3: Windows Media Player cannot play this file. Connect to the Internet or insert the removable media on which the file is located, and then try to play the file again.
Windows Media Player cannot play the file. If the file is located on the Internet, connect to the Internet. If the file is located a removable storage card, insert the storage card.
Windows Media Player cannot play any items in the playlist. For additional information, right-click an item that cannot be played, and then click Error Details.
This problem occurs because Microsoft Windows Media Player automatically tries to detect whether the player is connected to a network. If Windows Media Player cannot detect a network connection, and if you try to play online content, you receive the error that is mentioned in the "Symptoms" section.

This problem will likely occur if your browser is set to Work Offline. Some firewalls may also cause problems resulting in this error.
To force the player to always assume that the player is connected to a network, follow these steps:
  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. On the Player tab, under Player settings, check the Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands) check box.
Note You may also be able to run the Internet Connection Wizard to confirm the method that you use to connect to the Internet. To run this wizard, click Start, click Run, type icwconn1.exe, and then click OK. If you have a firewall, see the following Microsoft Web site to make sure that the correct ports are open:
This behavior is by design.
More information
Following is more information about the Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands) option:
  • This option specifies whether Windows Media Player is connected to the Internet even if other features are turned on. For example, connect even when the Work Offline option is turned on.
  • When you select this option, you are making sure that the player features that require an Internet connection can always connect when your computer is online. For example, Media Guide can connect.

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