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Windows: Mouse Trails Only Work at Lower Resolutions

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Mouse trails makes it easier for you to track the mouse pointer on anLCD display. Although they are intended for LCD displays, mouse trailscan be used with other display types as well.

NOTE: Mouse trails functionality is supplied by the video driver, notthe mouse driver.

Mouse trails are supported by the Windows version 3.1 EGA, VGA, andSuper VGA (800 x 600, 16 colors) drivers.

The following two Windows mouse drivers support mouse trails andare shipped with Windows 3.1.
Manufacturer        Driver Name    Version------------        -----------     -------Microsoft Mouse     MOUSE.DRV        8.20Microsoft Mouse    MOUSE.DRV        9.00Logitech Mouse      LMOUSE.DRV       6.02				
More information
Mouse trails are not supported under VGA with Monochrome display, which isprovided with Windows 3.1, and mouse trails may not be supported by third-party video and/or mouse drivers.

Mouse trails are not supported by the CGA video driver because Windows3.1 does not fully support CGA, and uses the Windows 3.0 CGA videodriver. Mouse trails are rarely supported by very high-resolutionvideo drivers because these driver are rarely used on laptopcomputers. Currently, mouse trail support is NOT provided for XOR-onlycursors, such as the I-beam and the cross-hair cursor used byPaintbrush.

If your third-party video driver or your Windows mouse driver does notsupport mouse trails, contact your hardware manufacturer regarding thecompany's support for mouse trails.
Mouse trail programming is discussed in the Microsoft SoftwareDevelopment Kit (SDK) and the Microsoft Device Developer Kit (DDK)guides and manuals.
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