How to restore a list to text in Excel 2004 for Mac

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This article describes how to restore a list to text in Microsoft Excel 2004 for Mac.
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If you type information that Excel 2004 for Mac interprets as a list, Excel 2004 for Mac prompts you to convert the text to a list. If you click Yes, Excel 2004 for Mac automatically converts the text.

If you click Yes in error, or if you change your mind, you can convert the list back to text. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. In Excel 2004 for Mac, click a cell in the list.
  2. If the List toolbar is not visible, point to Toolbars, and then click List on the View menu.
  3. On the List toolbar, click Remove List Manager under List.
  4. When you are prompted to stop using the List Manager feature, click OK.
The List Manager feature provides database-like features that make it easy to work with data. The following is a list of database-like features that the List Manager features provides:
  • Data validation
    Allows you to specify the type of data that can be added to each field. For example, you can keep a field from accepting text if that field is to contain only numbers.
  • Conditional formatting
    Allows you to apply formatting, for example color or bold formatting, to values that meet certain criteria.
  • Filter arrows
    Filter arrows at the top of all the column headings and a row for new records at the bottom of the list make it easier to search and to add data to a list.
The data and all the List Manager features are described as a list object. You can create a new list object or convert existing worksheet data into a list object. To do this, click List on the Insert menu.

Excel 2004 for Mac provides visual clues so that you can tell that you are working in a list object:
  • The list has a blue border.
  • The Column headings have filter arrows.
  • The List toolbar appears.
For more information about how to use the List Manager feature in Excel 2004 for Mac, click Excel Help on the Help menu, click Index, and then click L. Click List Manager, and then click Guidelines for creating a list by using the List Manager. If you cannot find the information that you want, look in the Office Assistant.

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