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MicrosoftEntourage for Mac lets you share a project with others so that they have full access to the same set of project information.You can store project information by using a mutually accessible network server or by storing the project in a shared folder on your computer. Each subscriber to a project can make changes to project data and control what is shared with others.
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Inviting others to join a shared project

The person who creates the project invites others to subscribe to the project by sending them an e-mail invitation. All subscribers to a project have access to add, to remove, and to modify shared information in the project. They can then also send e-mail invitations to other subscribers after the project is first shared.

To send an e-mail invitation to a shared project, follow these step:
  1. Start Entourage for Mac.
  2. Click Project Center, and then click the shared project that you want to invite others to join.
  3. Click Share, click Invite people to join project, and then click Create E-Mail Invitation.
  4. Address the e-mail message, and then click Send Now.
Note If the project is not currently shared, the Invite people to join project option will be unavailable. Click Start Sharing, and then follow the instructions to share the project before you can invite others to join.

Additionally, you cannot create e-mail invitations for shared projects that are stored on your computer.

Subscribe to a shared project

You can subscribe to a shared project by either receiving an e-mail invitation or by opening the shared project file (.rge). To subscribe to a shared project, use one of the following methods.

Method 1

Receive an e-mail invitation. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Start Entourage for Mac.
  2. Click Mail, and then open the e-mail invitation.
  3. In the e-mail invitation, click Click here to subscribe to the shared project "Shared Project", where Shared Project is the name of the project.

Method 2

Open the shared project file (.rge). To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Start Entourage for Mac.
  2. Click Project Center, and then click Subscribe to a Project on the File menu.
  3. Locate the project file (.rge), and then click Choose.
Note In both of these methods, Entourage for Mac does not inform you that others have joined the shared project or that they may have full access to the shared items in the shared project.

Notes about shared projects

If a shared project is stored in a shared folder on the publisher's computer, instead of on a network server, the publisher cannot send you an e-mail invitation to join the project. You must subscribe manually by clicking Subscribe to a Project on the File menu in the Project Center.

When you create a project, you must first share the project, and then the individual project items can be shared or not shared.

Where you share a project, you must make sure that the permissions are set correctly on the shared folder where the shared project is stored to maintain the appropriate access for the shared project and to restrict access to information to only those individuals who have permissions set on the shared folder.
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