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Change the Blinking Cursor to a Solid Cursor

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To change the cursor within an application to a constant "ON" (non-blinking) state:

  1. Open the WIN.INI file using any text editor (for example Notepad or MS-DOS Editor).
  2. Locate the [Windows] section.
  3. Change "CursorBlinkRate=" to a value of -1.
Setting "CursorBlinkRate=-1" causes the cursor to remain in the "ON"state.

When a cursor is displayed in a Windows-based application, it appears as ablinking cursor. As default, "CursorBlinkRate=530" is set in the WIN.INIfile's [Windows] section. This blink rate is normally changed from theDesktop setting in Control Panel. When the Desktop Blink Rate is set toSlow, the WIN.INI file is changed to "CursorBlinkRate=1200". If the BlinkRate is set to Fast, the WIN.INI file is changed to "CursorBlinkRate=200".This setting determines how much time, in milliseconds, the cursor will bedisplayed and, accordingly, how much time it will be off.

If you are using a Microsoft Mouse, you may want to call the MicrosoftSales Information Center (MSIC) at (800) 426-9400 for information aboutobtaining the Mouse Driver 8.20 kit, which comes with a utility that allowsyou to change the size of the mouse pointer.
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