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Closed Module Period Too Many Times by Accident in GL Closing

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Potential Causes

1. This occurs when accidentally closing the Module for the Year instead of the Period. The best way to resolve this and avoid confusion is to restore a complete backup of the Application database, made prior to the Closing process. It is not necessary to restore the System database. See Resolution 2234.

2. This occurs when closing the Current Period and Solomon crashed. After rebooting the workstation, the Closing process was run again because the process did not complete before the crash resulting in closing one too many periods. If desired, it is possible to continue in the Current Period and post batches back to the proper Fiscal Period, but this can cause confusion. Certain Period Sensitive reports, such as the Aged AR, will appear blank because it keys off the date the transactions were entered, not the Period to Post. See Resolution 793.


Resolution 793 -
Determine how far back the batch should be posted in General Ledger Post Transactions (01.520.00).

1. Solomon IV can post 99 periods in the future and the past.

2. The "Years to Retain GL Balances" value in GL Setup (01.950.00) establishes a practical limit on the number of periods back that batches should be posted. This value can be changed at any time.

Resolution 2234 - Restore a complete backup copy of the database.

Restore a complete database backup copy using the appropriate restore utility depending on how the backup was made.

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