System Message 4063 "Error - writing to DDSYSTEM.INI" in Dynamics SL Payroll

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In Dynamics SL Payroll, you may receive the following error message:
System Message 4063 - Error writing to DDSYSTEM.INI


1. Occurs in Create and Send ACH File (02.530.00) when the DDSYSTEM.INI in the Applications\PR folder is missing, blank, or incomplete. See Resolution 1.
2. User does not have appropriate network permission to write to the file. See Resolution 2.

Resolution 1 - Update the DDSYSTEM.INI file in the Applications\PR folder.
1. Using Windows Explorer, locate DDSYSTEM.INI in the Applications\PR folder. 
2. Open the file and verify that the contents match the following:

[IMMDEST XXXXXXX] TransferDate = mmddyyyy NextFileID = 1 NextSeqNum = 1 InUse = 0
(where XXXXXXX = Default Transit Number)

3. If the DDSYSTEM.INI file is missing, create an empty Text file using Notepad. Name the file DDSYSTEM.INI and place it in the Applications\PR folder.
4. If the file exists but the entries are incomplete or incorrect, use a text editor and make the necessary corrections to match the information in step 2.

Resolution 2 - Grant Write access to the DDSYSTEM.INI file for the user.

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