Sys Msg 9206 You cannot set the value of an object occurs in BSL in 4.x.

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NOTES:1. Basic Script Language cannot be used to set a value for a field that is disabled in the Customization Property Window. The field must be enabled in the Customization Property Window and BSL must be used to disable it. See resolution 23208.Resolution 23208 - Enable the field with Customization Manager and then use Basic Script Language to populate and disable the field.CORRECTION STEPS:1. Open the appropriate screen.2. Select Customize | Customize Mode from the Solomon IV Toolbar.3. Press F4 to open the Properties Window.4. Select the appropriate field and change the value of the Enabled Property to True.5. Select Customize | Customize Mode from the Solomon IV Toolbar.6. Select Customize | Code Window from the Solomon IV Toolbar.7. Enter the appropriate BSL Code to populate the field with the desired default value.8. Using SetProps, set the Prop_Enabled value to False to disable the field.9. Save the customization changes and exit the screen.

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