Recommendations for using Cash Manager in Microsoft Dynamics SL

Cash Manager Do’s and Don’ts

DO use Cash Account Transfers (20.020.00) to record any transfers of amounts between Cash Accounts defined in Microsoft Dynamics SL and in Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon. Using other screens, such as Cash Account Transactions (20.010.00), will cause the Cash Manager and General Ledger balances to be different for the transaction level account in the event that it is a Cash Account. This is because Cash Manager uses the document level (CATRAN.BankAcct) account for reconciliations.

DO ensure that both “Update Cash Accounts used in GL Transactions” in CA Setup (20.950.00) and “Accept Updates from GL Transactions” in Cash Account Maintenance (20.250.00) are selected in order for General Ledger transactions to update Cash Manager. If one or none of these are selected, CASHSUMD will not be updated when releasing a GL transaction that uses a Cash Account.

DO ensure that the Transaction Date corresponds to the Period to Post when entering transactions that update Cash Manager balances. If these dates do not correspond to each other, problems will be encountered when reconciling the Cash Manager balance to the General Ledger balance in Bank Reconciliation (20.210.00).

DO exercise caution when using the ‘O’ Entry Types in Cash Manager. ‘O’ entries can be used when starting Cash Manager to enter outstanding items or to enter one-sided adjustments to Cash Manager balances to correct data entry errors for the purposes of reconciliation. ‘O’ Entry Types only update the CASHSUMD record and do not update General Ledger.

DO review the value in GLTRAN.S4Future11 for those transactions entered in General Ledger that did not or should not have gone over to Cash Manager. For these records, the S4Future11 field should be updated to a value of N. This will alert CA Integrity Check (20.990.00) and Bank Reconciliation (20.210.00) that these transactions should not be included in processing. This should always be done BEFORE CA Integrity Check is run. Caution should be used when updating to ensure that the correct records are being updated. It is often necessary to receive client input on Transaction Date Ranges, when clarification is needed. For those records that do flow over to Cash Manager, the possible values for the S4Future11 field are O (Outstanding) and C (Cleared). These records do not require updating.

DO specify a Company ID when running CA Integrity Check (20.990.00) in a multi-company database. Leaving the Company ID blank will only rebuild balances for the current Company as opposed to all Companies.

DO NOT use Initialize Mode to delete batches from General Ledger that have updated Cash Manager balances. Doing so will cause the Cash Manager and General Ledger balances to be different.

DO NOT enter Cash Accounts in the detail level of screens such as AP Voucher and Adjustment Entry (03010.00) or AR Invoice and Memo (08.010.00). These screens do not update Cash Manager, so this situation would update the cash balance in General Ledger but not in Cash Manager. A cash account defined in Cash Account Maintenance should never be used in processes that are not designed to update Cash Manager.

DO NOT define Cash Accounts as default accounts in a setup screen (for example, Payroll Deduction Maintenance (02.290.00)) except for screens defining default Cash Accounts (for example, AP Setup (03.950.00)). Again, this will cause General Ledger balances to be updated without Cash Manager balances being updated.

DO NOT use Cash accounts used as a default account for an Entry Type. Doing so will wash out the Cash account in General Ledger because it will be a DR & CR to the Cash account if the same Cash account is used at the document level. This will also cause an irreconcilable situation in Bank Reconciliation (20.210.00) because only the CATRAN.BankAcct is used for determining transactions for reconciliation.

DO NOT change a date or period in an already-released GL batch. It does not update CA.

For more information about reconciling with 'O' type entries, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
843944 Item Missing From Cash Manager Bank Deposit/Check Reconciliation


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