The current 1099 year was purged by mistake in Accounts Payable in Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL maintains two years worth of 1099 totals for each vendor. After a year is purged, the year would have to be manually reopened by using SQL. Then, the totals would have to be rebuilt by using the Rebuild 1099 History functionality in the AP Integrity Check (03.990.00) screen.

Update the Current and Next 1099 Year to the appropriate values in the APSETUP and VENDOR tables by using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

1. Make a BACKUP of the database that can be restored in case an unwanted data loss occurs. 

2. Access the appropriate Application database by using SQL Server Management Studio. 

3. Execute the following statements to change the Current and Next 1099 Year values to the appropriate values:

UPDATE APSETUP SET Curr1099Yr = 'XXXX', Next1099Yr = 'YYYY'
UPDATE VENDOR SET Curr1099Yr = 'XXXX', Next1099Yr = 'YYYY' where Curr1099Yr = 'ZZZZ'
(where XXXX = the correct Current 1099 Year value, YYYY = the correct Next 1099 Year value and ZZZZ = the incorrect Current 1099 Year value)

4. Close SQL Server Management Studio.

5. Log on to the appropriate company in Microsoft Dynamics SL. 

6. In the Accounts Payable details pane, click AP Integrity Check

. Click to select the Rebuild 1099 History box, and then click and Begin Processing.


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Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, Microsoft Dynamics SL 7.0, Microsoft Dynamics SL 6.5

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