Slow Release of Cash Manager, AP Check, PR Check, or AR Payment Application Batches

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Cash Manager, Accounts Payable Check (03.620.00), Payroll Check (02.630.00), or Accounts Receivable Payment Application (08.030.00) batches sometimes take a very long time to release when the transactions are tied to the Cash Manager module.


An Accounts Payable Check batch, Payroll Check batch, or a General Ledger Journal Transactions batch was inadvertently released to a future period (like 3002) which caused the creation of a large amount of records in the CASHAVGD table.

Releasing batches in Cash Manager or modules which update the Cash Manager module causes an update to the CASHAVGD table, and if it contains an unusually high number of records, slows down the release procedure.


Delete the unnecessary CASHAVGD records using Query Analyzer.

1. Make a BACKUP of the database that can be restored in case an undesired data loss occurs.

2. Verify that a database backup exists before continuing. Failure to correctly execute the following statements could cause permanent data loss.

3. Access the appropriate Application database using Query Analyzer.

4. Execute the following statement:

SELECT PerNbr, * from CASHAVGD order by PerNbr

5. Determine how many rows are returned. In the case of a Check batch released to the year 3002, as many as 13,000 unnecessary rows could be stored in this table. Determine the latest PerNbr which should appear in the table.

6. Delete the unnecessary rows from the CASHAVGD table:

DELETE from CASHAVGD where PerNbr > 'xxxxyy'
(where x = fiscal year and y = period number)

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