How to create and use a Price Book

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I would like to create a Price Book to use with my Contracts. I would like to charge my Retail Customers one price for 24X7 and my Government Customers another price. How do I set this up in the Contract Administration module?


1. You will first need to create a Price Book in Contract Price Book Maintenance (Cards-Contract Admin.-Price Books).

a. Create a Price Book and description for Retail Customers

b. Create a Price Book and description for Government Customers

2. Next, add pricing information to the price book in Contract Pricing Maintenance (Cards-Contract Admin.-Pricing Maintenance).

a. Look up the Price Book created in step 1a.

b. Add in one or all of the following for search criteria: Item Class, Item, Customer Class, Customer.

For this example, you might create a Customer Class of Retail Customers and Govt Customers.
Add in an annualized base price of the product you are selling. If you add in 120.00 and create a year long contract, that would add 120/12=$10 a month to the Contract Line.

c. Add any options that you would like, such as 24 by 7 support, which could be set to provide an increase or decrease to the amount charged for a contract line item.

3. Create a Contract in Contract Entry/Update (Transactions - Contract Admin. - Contract Entry/Update).

4. Add a Price Book. You can set up a default Price book on the Contract Type to default.

5. Add Item(s) to the Contract in the Contract Line Maintenance window.

6. Add Option(s) on the Contract Header or on a Contract Line by clicking on the options button and choosing 24 by 7. This will roll down any additional charges to the contract line from the price book.

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