Check Number from Payables Management on GL Detail Trial Balance

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How can I add the check number to my General Ledger Detailed Trial Balance?


You can modify the Trial Balance Detail in Report Writer to pull the check number onto it.

NOTE: This will work for checks entered through Manual Payments (Transactions – Purchasing – Manual Payments) and checks entered through Select Checks (Transactions – Purchasing – Select Checks), but will NOT work for checks that are entered on the fly (Transactions – Purchasing – Transaction Entry).

1. Go into Report Writer (Tools – Customize – Report Writer)

2. Select the Reports button in the toolbar.

3. Find the Trial Balance Detail in the Original Reports section. Highlight it and click the Insert button.

4. Then on the Modified Reports side, highlight the same report and choose the Open button.

5. In the Report Definition window choose the Layout button.

6. In the Toolbox choose Year-to-Date Transaction Open from the drop down list.

7. In the scrolling window find Originating Document Number and drag it into the B section on the report.

8. In the report layout, double click on the field that was just put on the report.

9. In the Report Field Options window, be sure the Display Type is set to Visible.

10. Set the Field Type to Data.

11. Choose the OK button.

12. Choose the X from the top right corner of the Report Layout window.

13. Save your changes.

14. Click OK in the Report Definition window.

15. From the top menu bar, choose File - Great Plains Dynamics.

16. Give users access to the modified report in the Security Setup window (Setup - System - Security) within Dynamics.

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