VBA event does not run when triggered by other VBA code

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VBA event does not run when triggered by other VBA code

Issue Detail:

Partner has a problem with some VBA code that does not run, when the event is triggered by other VBA code. I believe this is similar to an existing problem that appeared to be fixed. However, this still occurs in 6.0, for this specific case, so that is why I am writing it up.1 - Copy the ZIP file from the Prdictn on GDWork directory to your Dynamics 6.0 directory.2 - Unzip the contents of the file. 3 - Launch Dynamics Utilities and run the Synchronize Forms and Reports Dictionaries.4 - Launch Dynamics and login.5 - Grant Security to the Modified Windows of Sales Batch Entry (sales series) and Receivings Transaction Entry(purchasing series).6 - Open the VBA file (password is "pwc") and place breakpoint in the AutoFill_AfterUserChanged event in the Sales Batch Entry form.7 - Go Back to Dynamics and open the Receiving Transaction Entry window. Enter a new shipment/invoice document. Choose 2nd vendor, as they are setup properly for POP. Do not add the document to a batch, but instead press the Post button. Results - The Post button has VBA code attached that runs the AutoFill button on the Sales Batch Entry. This initial code runs, but the VBA code on the AutoFill button does not run under this scenario. If you just open Sales Batch Entry and press AutoFill the VBA code runs.Expected Results - Code should run under both circumstances.

Status of Resolution:

This problem report is not currently scheduled, but check back to see its status change.

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