Disk Controllers that Are Compatible with 32-Bit Disk Access

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Microsoft Windows 3.1 ships with one virtual hard-drive controller device:WDCTRL. WDCTRL supports hard-drive controllers that are compatible with theWestern Digital WD1003 standard. According to Western Digital, it has twohard-drive controller cards that are compatible with Windows 3.1 and the 32-Bit Disk Access feature.

WD1006 Controller Card

The Western Digital WD1006 hard-drive controller is compatible with theWD1003 hard-drive controller in some cases. If the card is configuredcorrectly, it should work correctly with the 32-Bit Disk Access feature.

WD1006 has a jumper setting to specify whether the drive format iscompatible with the WD1003 standard. If the drive has more than eightheads, the drive is slightly incompatible with the WD1003 standard whenused with the WD1006 hard-drive controller card. This is due to the way theWD1006 numbers the heads differently than the WD1003. Using a jumper toconnect pins seven and eight will correct this problem. This problem doesnot occur if the hard drive has less than eight heads.

Some original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of this hard-drive controllermay not follow the same jumper settings. Consult your documentation or callyour manufacturer before changing these jumper settings.

WD1007A ESDI Controller Card

According to Western Digital, the WD1007A ESDI controller card is100-percent compatible with the WD1003 controller, and can be usedwith the 32-Bit Disk Access feature in Windows 3.1.

The Western Digital products included here are manufactured by vendorsindependent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise,regarding these products' performance or reliability.
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