Windows Err Msg: Error Loading SYSTEM.DRV

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When you start Microsoft Windows, the following error message may bedisplayed:
Error Loading SYSTEM.DRV
you are then returned to the MS-DOS command prompt.

When you try to start Control Panel, the following error message isdisplayed:
Cannot find the Control Panel Components (files with .CPL extension). Verify that they are installed in your Windows SYSTEM directory.
The KRNL386.EXE and/or KRNL286.EXE files are located in the wrongdirectory. The first message appears if KRNL386.EXE and KRNL286.EXE filesare located in the Windows directory. The second message appears if theWindows SYSTEM subdirectory is in your path and the KRNL386.EXE file is inthe Windows directory.
KRNL386.EXE and KRNL286.EXE should be located in the Windows SYSTEMsubdirectory. To successfully load Windows, move these files from theWindows directory to the Windows SYSTEM subdirectory.

In Windows 95, the error can also occur if the KRNL386.EXE file is in theWindows\Command subdirectory or in the root directory. This file should bein the Windows\System subdirectory. Note that there is no KRNL286.EXE filein Windows 95.

If you still receive the error message after moving the file(s) to thecorrect location, see the following article in the Microsoft KnowledgeBase:
70467Windows Err Msg: Cannot Find KRNLxxx.EXE
3.10 3.1 3.11

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