Reprinting a range of W2s and setting the Starting Control Number

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I am printing W2’s and need to reprint for certain employees. When I enter the control number of the original W2 for this employee and print the W2 it gives me a completely different control number. What do I need to do to reprint this W2 with the correct control number?


Enter the Starting Control Number of 1. Then select the employee, or range of employees you need to reprint. The W2’s will recognize which control number the employee original had and begin with that number. Example: You original printed W2’s for employees 1-35. You need to reprint 25-32. Enter the Starting Control Number of 1, in the Employee ID select the radio button of from and select employee number 25 through Employee number 32 (the range you need to reprint). The W2’s will display control numbers 25 -32 attached to the correct employee.

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