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When posting a batch of Sales Invoices I receive the error Distribution accounts are missing or invalid. How can I correct this error?


It is very important to note that the posting accounts must be set up first before you enter any transactions in Invoicing. To set up posting accounts, use the Posting Accounts Setup window by going to Setup > Company > Posting Accounts. Select the correct series, such as Inventory or Sales, and fill in ALL the posting accounts, whether they are used or not, before entering any transactions.

If you have transactions entered and the message 'Distributions are missing or invalid' appears, the invoices will have to be modified one-at-a-time in the corresponding Transaction Entry window. For EVERY line item included on the document, click on the expansion box next to Item Number, then click on Distributions. Fill in an account on EVERY line of the distribution window, whether the account is used or not.

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