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I have a client that has many vendors setup that they don't use all the time. In Small Business Manager there isn't a PM TB that allows us to not see a vendor if they have a $0 balance. When we have needed to modify other reports, we used the work around of exporting a package file from SBM to Dynamics, modifying the report in Dynamics, then importing it back into SBM. Can you tell me how I can set up a restriction in Report Writer for the PM Aged Trial Balance so I do not see vendors with a $0 balance?


There is TK #19115, that outlines the steps to modify the report within Report Writer, once you have modified the report, export it out of Dynamics (Tools > Customize > Customization Maintenance) and then import into Small Business Manager and this should give you the report. Also another option would be to use the Smartlist, here are the steps:

1) Within the Smartlist (Shortcuts > Smartlist), choose the Vendor Category and double-click the default option.

2) Choose the Columns button near the upper left hand corner and choose Add.

3) From the list select Current Balance, and then hit Ok twice.

4) This will bring back all the current balances for your vendors.

5) Double-click the 'Default' Smartlist entry to bring up the restriction screen.

6) Using the lookups select current balance and set a restriction for current balance greater than zero.

7) Hi Ok and run the results. This will bring back all vendors with a balance greater than zero.

8) If you would like to save this query, choose your favorites icon from the Smartlist toolbar and name the favorite (for example: Vendors with a Balance).

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