Run-time Error 94 'Invalid use of null' when Closing the Billing Cycle in QuickSell 2000

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Run-time Error 94 - 'Invalid use of null' occurs when closing the billing cycle in QuickSell 2000.


This error indicates a null value in the ChargableBalance field of the Customers table. The following SQL statement may correct this:

UPDATE Customer SET ChargableBalance = 0 WHERE ChargableBalance IS NULL

Follow the steps below to run this SQL statement. Be sure to make a backup of your QuickSell 2000 database file prior to completing these steps.

1. Launch QuickSell 2000 Doctor.

2. Select the Update QS2000 Database Structure button.

3. At the Update Database Structure window press Ctrl-S. This opens the QS2000 SQL Statement window.

4. In the QS2000 SQL Statement window copy and paste the above SQL statement into this window.

5. Press OK to run the statement.

6. Press OK when you see the message SQL Statement successfully executed.

7. Cancel out of the Update Database Structure window.

8. Exit out of QuickSell 2000 Doctor.

You should now be able to close the billing cycle in QuickSell 2000 Manager by going to Journals | Close Billing Cycle.

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