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I was going to enter a transaction in Transaction-Sales-Transaction Entry and I received a Dr. Watson error. It happens for every user and in all companies. What can I do to get rid of it?


1. If you have modified Forms and/or Reports, rename the Forms.dic and/or Reports.dic.

2. Create a new user with no restrictions. (Setup - System - User)

3. Give the new user access to the company. (Setup - System - User Access)

4. If you can get in to Transaction-Sales-Transaction Entry with the new user without getting the Dr. Watson error again, the User Master file (SY01400) may be damaged. If using Dynamics on Pervasive.SQL 2000 or Ctree rename the SY01400.*, SY60100, and SY02000 file(s) and restore this file from a backup. If you are running Dynamics or eEnterprise on Microsoft SQL Server, you can restore a backup of the production database into a test database and DTS the SY01400, SY60100, and SY0200 tables. If a good backup isn't available, you will need to setup all the user and security information again.

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