Importing Transactions into a General Journal in General Ledger

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This document will assist you in importing transactions into a General Journal.


In order to import transactions into the General Journal, you can use the Excel Spreadsheets Template wizard to create a template file.

The Excel Spreadsheets Template can be created by going to Administration | Periodic | Data Export\Import | Excel Spreadsheets | Template Wizard. The table that you will want to export a template for is the Journal Lines. In order to see the Journal Lines Table, you will need to change the radio button selection to "Show All Tables."

You will see 2 copies of Journal Lines: one for General Ledger Journal Lines and one for Cost Accounting Journal Lines. The General Ledger Journal Lines is the second "Journal Lines" displayed in the list.

On the "Generate Field List" Window, you should see the table name as "LedgerJournalTrans." This will assure you that you are exporting a template of the right table.

You will be prompted to select the fields you wish to include in the file. Follow the prompts in the Wizard to finish creating the Excel template.

Load the information for the Journal Line in the Spreadsheet. The Spreadsheet can be imported by going to Administration | Periodic | Data export/import | Definition groups. Point to the Definition group that corresponds to the Excel file and click on the import button.

NOTE: In order for the date to import properly, the Excel template will need to have the dates fields formatted as a type of Date.

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