"You must specify Gen. Prod. Posting Group in G/L Account No. = XXXX" error message when setting up Customer or Vendor Posting Groups

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I am doing the setup of a Customer (Sales & Receivables|Setup|Customer Posting Groups) or Vendor Posting Groups (Purchases & Payables|Setup|Vendor Posting Groups) and I am getting the following error when selecting any account for any field within these windows:

You must specify Gen. Prod. Posting Group in G/L Account No. = XXXX (XXXX is the account number that you have selected).


The cause of this error message is because the General Product Posting Group (General Ledger|General Ledger Posting Groups|Product Posting Groups) have not been set up.


To resolve this error message, create the General Product Posting Groups. Once the Posting Group has been created, assign the account to the Posting Group.

The Posting Group information is defined on the Posting tab of the Account Card.


Posting Groups

Posting Groups create the link of posted documents and transactions to the General Ledger (G/L) accounts. The Posting Group Setup is directly tied to the Chart of Accounts setup in the G/L Functional Area. Therefore, Posting Groups cannot be set up if the Chart of Accounts has not been created.

If your client only uses the General Ledger Functional Area and only records regular journal entries to G/L accounts, this process is not necessary. However, when sales, purchases, and other transactions are recorded and posted where a specific G/L Account is not specified directly, the Posting Groups provide the mapping to the correct accounts.

Posting Groups are required when selling of Inventory and Resources to Customers or buying of Inventory from a Vendor is occurring. For example, in the sale of inventory to a Customer on a Sales Order, no General Ledger Accounts are specified directly. However, upon completing the Navigate function, the review of a posted invoice shows entries that were posted to the G/L. This result occurs because the Customers and Items were assigned Posting Groups to identify the accounts.

Major Types of Posting Groups

There are two major types of posting groups within Navision Attain that deal with selling inventory and resources to customers and buying inventory from vendors:

Specific Posting Groups
General Posting Groups

A good rule of thumb in this situation would be to follow the Setup Checklist (General Ledger|Setup|Setup Checklist). The General Product and General Business Posting Groups are to be set up prior to the Specific Posting Groups (Customer Posting Group, Vendor Posting Group, Inventory Posting Group, Bank Account Posting Group, Job Posting Groups or Fixed Asset Posting Groups).

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