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Is there an easy way to remove the cache files for Axapta so that each time I launch the application they are refreshed?


An option worth considering is creating a batch file to run a DOS command that will rename the *.aoc files on the client machine.

Follow these steps to create a batch file to perform the task.

1. Open a new window for Wordpad or Notepad.
2. In Wordpad or Notepad, enter the following:

del *.aoc /s

3. Save the Wordpad or Notepad document as aoc.bat.
4. When you wish to delete the cache files, double click the aoc.bat file in its saved location. A DOS window will appear while the process runs.

You may also want to take this a step further by having the batch file delete the *.aoc files and launch Axapta. In the batch file, have the command as follows:

del *.aoc /s

C:\Program Files\Navision\Axapta Client\Bin\ax32.exe


You may need to edit the path to the ax32.exe to match the installation path, the path listed above is the default installation path.

After creating the batch file in the second scenario, you can replace the target on the Shortcut for Axapta to point to the batch file created. To change the target of the icon:

1. Right-click the shortcut for Axapta on the Desktop.
2. Point to Properties.
3. In the Target field, type the path of the batch file created.

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