You receive a "Login Failed, Invalid User ID" error message when starting Microsoft FRx Report Launcher

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Issue Summary:
Report Launcher ‘Login Failed, Invalid User ID’

Issue Detail:
Report Launcher ‘Login Failed, Invalid User ID’I receive the message ‘Login Failed, Invalid User ID’ when launching Report Launcher after choosing to use FRx Security | Using the Network ID. If I click on OK, I still receive the same error message and am unable to enter another FRx Login.

Reported in Version/Build
This issue was tested on 6.5.84 and 6.5.152

Steps to Recreate
1. Open FRx Reporter 6.5
2. Go to Admin | Organization | FRx Security
3. Mark the Use FRx Security Box
4. Mark the Use Network ID button
5. Click OK **Do not set up your network user within FRx Security
6. Close FRx Reporter
7. Click on the Launch32.exe

Expected Results
You would receive the error message ‘Login Failed, Invalid User ID’ but you would be able to click OK on this error message and then be able to enter in a different FRx Security Login.

Actual Results
You receive the error message ‘Login Failed, Invalid User ID’ and if you click on the OK button of the Error Message, the same Error pops up twice and the third time you click the OK button, Report Launcher closes.

The workaround for this issue is to set up the Network ID for that computer as a user within FRx Security following the instructions listed below.
1. Open FRx Reporter
2.Go to Admin | Users
3.Click on New
4.Enter the appropriate information
5.Click on SaveYou should now be able to access FRx Report Launcher.

If you are experiencing the above Quality Report, please send an email to Include your name, authorized number, email address and the Quality Report number. You will be added to the list of users experiencing this problem and will be contacted once the issue is corrected.

Status of Resolution:

This problem report is scheduled for a future service pack.

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