Switching a NON-SQL dictionary to a SQL or eEnterprise dictionary

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Is there a way to change a dictionary that was loaded as a Dynamics LAN dictionary so it can be used as a eEnterprise dictionary for testing purposes?

There is only one small difference between a SQL versus NONSQL development dictionary, that is the SQL.CNK file. Dynamics for SQL also has a DYNAMICS.CNK file. The Dynamics.CNK file is merged the first time you start Dynamics, includes a System Install core section which has a different Module choice - either System Manager (for Dynamics) or System Manager -Client/Server (for Dynamics C/S+). The SQL.CNK file will only merge in when you run Dexterity Utilites.

Method 1: (You can perform this transfer in either direction.) If you have both an eEnterprise and Dynamics dictionary:
Step1. Open your eEnterprise dictionary as a Source dictionary.
Step2. Open your Dynamics dictionary as a Destination dictionary.
Step3. Choose Transfer - Dictionary Module from the Transfer menu on the tool bar.
Step4. Transfer only the Core - System Install section from the source dictionary to the destination.

For Method 2 or 3: Copy the appropriate CNK files SQL.CNK and or DYNAMICS.CNK file from the Dynamics CD. Search the first installation CD for CNK files. You will normally find the CNK files in the Product folder on the Installation CD. Choose either the Dynamics or eEnterprise folder depending on what you want to switch your dictionary to. Make sure to unmark the Read Only property on the copied file, then follow the instructions below.

Method 2: The second method uses the DYNAMICS.CNK file from the Dynamics CD. You can find this in the Product folder on the Dynamics CD, and choose either the eEnterprise folder or the Dynamics folder depending on what you want to switch your dictionary to. Then follow the instructionsin Method1 , with one exception. For Step1, open the DYNAMICS.CNK file as the Source dictionary. (To open a chunk file on the Macintosh, you much first change the property on the copy you made to editable then change its file type from CHNK to DICT.) You can also perform this transfer in either direction just as with Method 1.

Method 3: Rename the Dynamics.dic in a regular client directory then copy(do not move) your Development Dictionary to the client directory and rename it to Dynamics. Edit the Dynamics.set file setting Synchronize to TRUE. Run the Dynamics or eEnterprise Utilites allowing the utilities to merge and then synchronize then select launch Dynamics or eEnterprise. After launching Dynamics or eEnterprise you should exit runtime then rename your copied Development dictionary from Dynamics to DynSql or eEntDev. Rename the normal Dynamics dictionary back to Dynamics and then move your new Development Dictionary to your dexterity directory. This Method can not be reversed, to back out the SQL code you would have use Method 1 or 2.

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