Referencing Objects in other VBA Projects

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Question: Modifier was used to add a button to another vendor's third-party window (ApplicationA dictionary). When the button is pushed, it should open a (ApplicationB dictionary) Dexterity application. When the button is pushed, the error message 424 (Form Not Found or Object Required) is returned. The following statement is being used in the project for the third-party window (ApplicationA): ApplicationB.WindowName.Open

The error message is returned no matter what event procedure is selected for the button object in VBA. How can this be resolved?


To resolve this error message, a Reference must be added to the third-party application (ApplicationB) in the project for ApplicationA.

1 - Go to VBA Editor and click on the Tools command from the VBA Editor Command Bar.
2 - Select the References option of the Tools command.
3 - Click on the checkbox for your third-party application (ApplicationB) to which you are interfacing .

There is one situation to avoid:

In your project (ApplicationA), a reference to another project (ApplicationB) can be added. However, once it has been added, another reference can not be made from ApplicationB back to ApplicationA. Basically, the reference is only valid in one direction.

For example, assume the following references have been made in your VBA projects:

Dynamics references ApplicationA
ApplicationA references ApplicationB
ApplicationB references ApplicationC

If this references are made, then the following references would be invalid: ApplicationA to Dynamics, ApplicationB to ApplicationA and ApplicationC to ApplicationB.

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