Calculating overtime pay based on a 40 hour week with bi-weekly pay periods

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I have set up a bi-weekly payroll pay period but I want to base the overtime pay on a 40 hour week. Can I set this up in Payroll?


Yes. You will need to perform the following:

- Set up two separate hourly pay codes and two separate overtime pay codes.

- In the Payroll Setup window (Setup - Payroll - Payroll), mark the Automatic Overtime option

- Change the regular hours required to 40 hours and then enter the overtime factor that you will be using. The first hourly pay code and overtime pay code will be used for the first week of the pay period. The second hourly pay code and overtime pay code will be used for the second week of the pay period.

When entering Payroll transactions, you will need to enter two transactions per pay period. You will need to enter a Payroll Transaction for the each employee using the hours worked for the first week using the first hourly and overtime pay codes. You will then need to enter a second transaction for the second week of the pay period using the second hourly and overtime paycodes. Great Plains will then automatically calculate the overtime pay based on a 40 hour week.

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