Using the Microsoft Mouse as a Pen Input Device

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It is possible to use the Microsoft Mouse as a primary input device inMicrosoft Windows for Pen Computing, but it is not recommended. Thisconfiguration should be used only for development and limited testingof Windows for Pen applications and drivers.

Currently, pen tablets/computers, drivers, and the retail version ofWindows for Pens are available only through OEMs (original equipmentmanufacturers); therefore, the components necessary to use the MicrosoftMouse as an inking device are only available with the Windows 3.1 SDK.
To get inking capabilities from the mouse, the mouse driver must be removed(or replaced) and a tablet driver must be loaded. Microsoft has written twodrivers for this functionality: the YESMOUSE driver and the MSMOUSE driver.The YESMOUSE driver is a replacement for the mouse driver that instructsWindows to display a mouse cursor without loading any mouse driver. (Notethat tablet drivers do not display mouse cursors by default. The only wayto get a mouse cursor is if a mouse driver or YESMOUSE driver is loaded.)The MSMOUSE driver is actually a tablet driver that is loaded as aninstallable device driver.

To ink with the Microsoft Mouse, insert the following lines into theappropriate sections of the SYSTEM.INI. Make sure that the files referencedin those lines are present in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory or that thefull path to their location is specified:
   [boot]   mouse.drv=YESMOUSE.DRV   [drivers]   pen=MSMOUSE.DRV				
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