List of bugs that are fixed in the .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

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This article discusses the bugs that are fixed in Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

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.NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

818776 FIX: The layout of a control on an inherited Windows Form may change when you use the .NET Framework 1.1
824210 FIX: You receive a "Fatal execution engine error" error message in Windows Server 2003
824297 FIX: Variants of type VT_NULL are not mapped successfully to common language runtime reference types in the Microsoft .NET Framework
837522 FIX: You may receive an "E_INVALIDARG" error message when you try to create an instance of a .NET serviced component
836989 FIX: A user receives a "security exception" error message while running user code that is based on the .NET Framework 1.1 in a partial trust environment
835405 FIX: The DataGrid control reports an incorrect row count when a modified column is hidden by scrolling when you are using the .NET Framework 1.1
835847 FIX: Your Windows Forms user control does not print and does not appear in Print Preview in Internet Explorer
829986 FIX: COM to COM+ marshaling does not handle enregistered arguments correctly
828884 FIX: A .NET Framework application that contains an MSChart object runs slowly if the application was built in Visual Studio .NET 2003
828295 FIX: Error message "Security exception: PermissionToken index does not match index into m_unrestrictedPermSet"
825680 FIX: Out of memory exception errors may occur when significant amounts of physical memory are still available
823473 Visual Basic .NET application that uses a ReDim statement may quit unexpectedly
823445 FIX: Client activated object clients that are linked by using Soapsuds.exe may fail with a deserialization exception error
823201 FIX: Your COM+ application may run slowly when you create an object by using the SynchronizationAttribute attribute
818982 FIX: "COMException - Type Mismatch" error message when you pass a VARIANT parameter from managed code
817703 Combined installation package for the .NET Framework 1.1 - Hotfixes 818981, 818982, and 822878
813340 FIX: You receive a "System.NullReferenceException: object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message when you implement JIT optimization by using a float
811672 FIX: You receive an "Unhandled Exception" error message when you run an application that uses valid C code
839616 FIX: The value of the SelectedIndex property of the ComboBox control does not change when you set the text by using the Text property
839424 FIX: The group membership list becomes truncated when you add group memberships by using the .NET Framework System.DirectoryServices namespace
839289 FIX: The GC heap becomes corrupted when you use the .NET Framework System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider class
836874 FIX: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs intermittently with ADO.NET
839047 FIX: A memory leak may occur when COM objects are passed as VARIANT in the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
838301 FIX: WMI events cannot occur if lots of file references are passed to the Csc.exe tool
837634 FIX: An application stops responding when you open multiple dialog boxes by using Visual Studio .NET on a Tablet PC that is running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
837033 FIX: You cannot download a .NET Framework assembly in Internet Explorer
836798 FIX: A deadlock condition occurs when you download assemblies in an application that was built by using the .NET Framework 1.1
836612 FIX: Your inherited Windows Form becomes smaller when you edit it in Visual Studio .NET 2003
835480 FIX: The DataGrid control may not redraw correctly when you resize a column in a .NET Framework 1.1 Windows Forms application
835361 FIX: When you set the Visible property of the DataGrid control to false, the DataGrid control is still visible in the .NET Framework 1.1
834672 FIX: You experience performance issues when your multithreaded application calls the PerformanceCounter.NextValue method
834608 FIX: You receive a "Multiple controls with the same ID" error message when you dynamically add cached user controls to Webforms
834104 An ASP.NET application crashes in the .NET Framework when it is running on a multiple processor computer and it is using the ArrayList class
833326 BUG: The hash table appears to grow unbounded with the .NET Framework 1.1
832705 FIX: You may receive an error message when you use specific keyboard shortcuts in the DataGrid control
832597 FIX: You may receive an application error in Vbc.exe or Csc.exe when you run a .NET Framework application
831730 FIX: "InvalidOperationException ... Load factor too high" when you use a Hashtable collection
831263 FIX: You experience slow performance when the # Induced GC count is high in managed Windows Forms applications
831150 The "Viewstate is invalid for this page" error message does not provide sufficient information to troubleshoot the issue
830789 FIX: The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Web Service method ignores the RequestElementName property of the SoapRpcMethodAttribute class when the name of a method includes a hyphen in the .NET Framework 1.1
830698 FIX: Generated assembly may not contain emitted attributes
829977 A memory leak condition occurs when you run COM+ 1.0 on a computer that is running Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
829615 FIX: Overlapping forms with a DataGrid control automatically come to the foreground when the data source is updated in the .NET Framework 1.1
828943 FIX: COM interop call may return incorrect HRESULT
828099 FIX: Data is not sorted correctly on a DataGrid control in a Windows application in the .NET Framework 1.1
827801 FIX: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Page_Load event fires two times
827558 FIX: IEHost makes calls back to port 80 when Internet Explorer is bound to a port other than port 80
827210 FIX: Error message: System.ExecutionEngineException occurred in an unknown module
827035 FIX: ASP.NET stops responding when your application performs an operation that is not valid
826981 FIX: Exception error message when you access the RTF property of the RichTextBox control
826945 FIX: ALT+TAB does not bring the owner window to the foreground when a parent form contains a ToolTip control
826497 A Windows Form that contains a TextBox control and a ComboBox control does not display a drop-down menu
826368 You cannot run WMI events from the older versions of the instrumented assembly
825082 NullReferenceException error when you use combined FlagsAttribute enums in ASP.NET controls
824680 PhoneCall control does not render the plus sign character in telephone numbers
824336 FIX: Custom performance counters do not publish performance data to WMI
823274 FIX: An access violation occurs if the DEVPATH environment variable refers to a network share in a Visual Studio .NET 2003 project
823140 FIX: Managed application that makes COM to COM+ calls may experience an access violation error
822734 FIX: ValidationSummary (Validator) controls no longer appear after you upgrade to the .NET Framework 1.1
821536 FIX: A System.ArgumentException exception occurs when you try to create a Windows form that inherits from a Windows form that contains a dataset
821349 FIX: Embedded null characters may bypass request script validation
821157 FIX: "Server Application Unavailable" error message if a DLL is loaded in the 0x33A20000 address space and you request an ASP.NET page
821155 Background batch compile may cause a deadlock when the thread pool has been exhausted
820743 FIX: ASP.NET performance counters cannot count more than 113 loaded AppDomains
819792 FIX: JScript calls the GC.Collect method from IVsaEngine.Close in Visual Studio .NET 2003
818803 Post-RTM .NET Framework 1.1 ASP.NET hotfix package symptoms
811532 FIX: The Windows Forms ActiveX Control Importer (Aximp.exe) does not handle default values correctly
823030 FIX: DataGrid made compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998
833612 FIX: You receive an "Invalid pointer Code: 0" error message when you call the AppendChild method with a Null parameter in Smartnav.js in the .NET Framework 1.1
829487 FIX: DataGrid control loses focus when you press the SHIFT+DOWN ARROW key combination
829585 FIX: The ASP.NET worker process may cause high CPU usage when it hosts a remoting server
836092 WML clients may receive a duplicate QueryString collection that is set by using the Form.Action property
834280 FIX: A NullReferenceException error occurs when you use a method that has the default null value as a parameter in the .NET Framework 1.1
833047 FIX: Menu mnemonics fire on the wrong forms in a multiple-document interface (MDI) Windows Forms application
833050 FIX: "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error message in Visual Studio .NET when the ODBC driver does not support the SQLGetInfo(SQL_SEARCH_PATTERN_ESCAPE) function
839588 FIX: You receive a System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when you call the Read method from an XmlTextReader class in ASP.NET
831575 FIX: CPU memory utilization spikes when you parse appInfo elements in XML schemas
832757 FIX: A System.Xml.Xsl.XsltException exception occurs when you try to perform an XSLT transformation by using an XSLT style sheet that uses the format-number function
822956 FIX: Performance degradation occurs when you use multiple instances of the XmlValidatingReader class
818777 FIX: The XmlTextReader class generates a runtime exception when you read an XML document
839462 FIX: Your .NET Framework 1.1 assembly may stop responding under low memory conditions after you run the Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)
839577 FIX: You cannot scroll down an MDI child form by clicking the scroll-down arrow
839174 FIX: You receive an "Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion" error message when you stop or pause a managed Windows service
836691 FIX: Text that you type inside an Edit control is not visible when several rows are selected inside a DataGrid control in the .NET Framework 1.1
823951 FIX: You receive an "Access violation" error message when you call a ServicedComponent derived class object through a COM Callable Wrapper
822411 FIX: XML Messaging with the .NET Framework 1.1 hotfix rollup
836144 FIX: Many mouse messages may cause the computer to stop responding on a computer that is running the .NET Framework 1.1 with Service Pack 1
835815 FIX: The position of the spread sheet in the window is different from the position of the scroll box in the scroll bar on a computer that is running the .NET Framework 1.1
831018 FIX: The server stops responding after it makes a remote call to a client Marshal-by-reference (MBR) object in .NET Framework 1.1 Remoting
824629 FIX: Temporary files are not deleted after you connect to a server that is running Windows SharePoint Services or SharePoint Portal Server 2003
821758 FIX: Server.Transfer does not invoke IsPostBack in .NET Framework 1.1
825709 "An exception System.ExecutionEngineException has occurred" error message when you use multiple asynchronous events

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Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

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