How to change the port that DSCCS uses

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How to change the port that DSCCS uses

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One of our developers is trying to use DSCCS on his server. However Microsoft OLAP Server is installed on this machine as well. Apparently the OLAP Server service also uses port 2725 and is non-configureable. Our service is also non-configureable and therefore can't have both of these services loaded and running at the same time.

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This problem report is not currently scheduled, but check back to see its status change.

To work around this problem in Dexterity 8.0, follow these steps:
  1. Use only one of the services at a time.
  2. Install DSCCS on another computer. Then, point the Dexterity client to use the service on this other computer.
Dexterity 9.0 can use a user-defined port. For information about how to change the server and client settings to change the port number that is being used by DSCCS, see Chapter 48, "Setting up Source Code Control," in the Dexterity Programmer's Guide Volume 1.

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