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Copying cells from Excel inserts a carriage return character

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Issue Summary:

Copying cells from Excel inserts a carriage return character

Issue Detail:

Copying cells from Excel will insert a carriage return character. One could argue that GP should not allow someone to save a field that has this carriage return character in it.To reproduce, go into Excel and enter some text and hit Enter to move to the next cell. Now copy that cell and paste it into a description field in GP like the Alias field on the Account Maintenance window. The last character will be a bold like representing the carriage return from Excel. Great Plains will let you save the record.When the record is queried on in SQL Query Analyzer (in Text mode), you will see the records after the carriage return will shift to the next line. Or, if you export the data into a text file from SQL Server, you will see a carriage return character in notepad.This created a problem with the Project Series Time and Expense web application since it was not designed to read project descriptions that have the carriage return character in it. [Alt-13 is the ascii representation of a carriage return.]

Status of Resolution:

This problem report is not currently scheduled, but check back to see its status change.

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