You receive an error message when you try to open an Excel XML Spreadsheet document that contains a pivot table in Excel 2004 for Mac

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When you try to open a Microsoft Excel XML Spreadsheet document that contains a pivot table in Microsoft Excel 2004 for Mac, you may receive the following error message:
HTML Import Errors
Problems came up in the following areas during load:
This file cannot be opened because of errors. Errors are listed in: Macintosh HD:private:tmp:501:TemporaryItems:HtmlErr.log.
The path that is listed in the error message may not exist on your Macintosh computer, and you cannot locate the log file that was created.
This problem may occur if the Excel XML Spreadsheet document was created by using a different language version of Excel 2004 for Mac, or if the XML file was created by a Microsoft Windows version of Excel. When the document is saved, specific pivot table strings are not exported to the XML format. Without these pivot table strings, the file cannot be opened by a different version of Excel 2004 for Mac.
To work around this problem, open the original Excel workbook in Excel 2004 for Mac, and then save the file as an XML Spreadsheet. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. On the File menu, click Save as.
  2. On the Format list, click XML Spreadsheet.
  3. Type a name for the file that has the .xml file name extension.
  4. Click Save.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.
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