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You may receive a "Spec Set Database Security Doesn't Match Current FRXSYS32 Security" error message when you set a company as default in Microsoft FRx

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Potential Causes

1. New registration information was not entered prior to setting any Microsoft Dynamics SL Company as the default. See Resolution 13234.

2. A mismatch exists in the location path of the \SYSDATA directory. A backup will need to be restored and then follow Resolution 12993 for additional workstations.

3. The Specification Sets filename (*.F32) in the Location path is greater than 8 characters. See Resolution 24928.

4. The *.F32 file may be damaged. To resolve this problem, re-create the *.F32 file.For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
856376 Error message when you set a company up as the default company in Microsoft FRx: "Specset Database Security does not Match Current FRxSys32 Security setting. Security Configuration Invalid"


Resolution 12993 - Run FRx Custom Install Option to complete Workstation Setup Components.


1. The instructions provided in the Correction Steps pertain to subsequent FRx Workstation installations performed after reports have been created.

2. A BACKUP of the \SYSDATA directory must be made prior to executing the Correction Steps.

Correction Steps

1. Verify that the workstation requiring Workstation Setup is mapped correctly using the same drive mapping as other workstations.

2. From the new workstation that is being setup, launch the Solomon Install menu from the current Solomon IV Version 4.x CD.

3. Select FRx.

4. From the FRx Program Edition screen, select the appropriate FRx Edition to install. Click Next.

5. Select Component Installation and choose Yes to the License Agreement in order to continue.

6. Select Install local or network components. Click Next.

7. If prompted, select No to a message indicating an older version has been found.

8. Select Custom from list of Installation options and change the directory location to the \FV directory where Microsoft Dynamics SL and FRx are installed using the mapped drive to locate. For example, S:\SOLOMON\FV. Click Next.

9. Select only the Windows System Files from the Components list. Deselect all other options. Confirm this selection prior to clicking Next.

10. Verify the location of the \SYSDATA directory is correct. Click Next.

11. Select a folder location. The recommended folder is the Solomon IV program group. Click Next.

12. Verify the Current Settings information is correct. Click Next.

13. When prompted to, Click Finish to complete the workstation setup.

14. Go into Windows Explorer and register the following two .DLL files - FSSOL432.DLL and FRLSPL.DLL.

15. For help with registering these .DLLs, see Sub-Resolution 8674.

Resolution 13234 - Enter registration information in FRx Admin | Organization Information.

Preparation Step -Locate the FRx registration information that was provided by the Microsoft Dynamics SL Registration Department.

Correction Steps

1. Launch FRx and access Admin | Organization Information.

2. Enter the Organization Name exactly as it appears on the FRx registration information or copy it from the Company Name field in Solomon IV Utility | Registration (95.250).

3. Enter the remaining registration information as needed.

4. If an old or unknown Accounting system is listed in Accounting Systems, delete it and select the appropriate Accounting system from the drop-down list and save.

5. Access Company | Select Default and set the desired FRx Company as the default Company.

6. Refer to the FRx User Guide for additional information on setting up Companies in FRx.

Resolution 24928 - Verify that the F32 filename in Specification Sets is no longer than eight characters.

Correction Steps
1. Open FRx, then Select Company | Specification Set.
2. Verify that the F32 filename in the Location path is no longer than 8 characters.

Sub-Resolution 8674 - Register the *.DLL or *.OCX file using REGSVR32.EXE or REGSVR.EXE.

Correction Steps

1. Using Explorer, locate the file indicated in the message and right-click on the file.

2. Select Open With from the menu.

3. Click the Other button at the bottom of the Open With window.

4. Browse to the local drive (most often C:\), and select either REGSVR32.EXE in WINNT\SYSTEM32 or REGSVR.EXE in WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

5. Click Open and then click OK to a message displaying whether the file was successfully registered.

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