Run-time Error 429 "ActiveX Component Cannot Create Object" printing reports in Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Potential Causes

1. The drive mapping on the workstation is incorrect. See Resolution 12616.

2. Occurs when selecting a Company from the Company Selection Tab. See Resolution 249.

3. ODBC drivers are an older version or corrupt. Reinstalling MDAC typically resolves ODBC errors and connectivity issues. See Resolution 2.

4. The Microsoft Dynamics SL Client installation is corrupt. See Resolution 1.


Resolution 1 - Uninstall and Reinstall the Microsoft Dynamics SL Client.

Note - If uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft Dynamics SL Client on Windows NT, 2000 or XP, you must be logged in as the local Administrator or as a member of the local Administrators group.

1. Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel and run Add/Remove Programs.

2. Select the Microsoft Dynamics SL Client and click Remove.

3. If asked to remove VBA, click Yes.

4. If asked to remove shared components, click Yes to All.

5. Delete the \Crystal folder from the \Windows or \Winnt directory.

6. Perform a search to verify that Swimapi.dll has been removed from \System32. If the file exists, delete it.

Note - This step is important as the Uninstall program does not always remove this file.

7. Reboot the workstation.

8. Reinstall the Microsoft Dynamics SL Client by running Setup.exe from the Solomon\Wrkstn directory.

Resolution 2 - Download and install the latest version of MDAC from Microsoft.


1. To resolve ODBC errors or connectivity issues relating to ODBC, install MDAC. MDAC is an updated ODBC group that will install newer drivers and should correct version incompatibilities.

2. To download the latest version of MDAC, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
Resolution 249 - Reinstall the Microsoft Dynamics SL program files and apply the latest Cumulative Updates, Service Packs, or Hot Fixes.

1. Use the latest CD and Service Pack/Hot Fix available for the version installed and the appropriate installation bulletin.

2. Install the latest Service Pack/Hot Fix available for the version of the software installed.

3. Execute DB Update after installing the update if it has not been run previously. Refer to the installation document provided with the update.

Resolution 12616 - Map a drive to a Shared directory immediately above the Microsoft Dynamics SL Program Files directory.

1. Uninstall the Microsoft Dynamics SL Client from the workstation using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

2. Disconnect the mapped drive that is mapped to Microsoft Dynamics SL. For example, if Microsoft Dynamics SL was installed to a Solomon IV or Solomon directory under Program Files, share the Program Files directory and map the drive to the Program Files share (or the appropriate share name).

3. Reinstall the Microsoft Dynamics SL Client from the new mapped drive.

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