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ODBC Error: SQL State=37000, Native Error Code=0 When Creating A Table With Pervasive.SQL 2000.

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Question: I am trying to create a new table in the Pervasive.SQL 2000 Control Center using the SQL Data Manager. I have selected my Dynamics database (which is working fine when I write select statements to view data in the Dynamics tables). I then use the following statement to create my table:

create table NEWTABLE(customerNumber char(3)CustomerName Char (5));

When I try to execute this statement I get the following error message:

ODBC Error: SQLSTATE = 370000, Native error code = 0
Syntax Error: create table NEWTABLE (customerNumber char(3),CustomerName Char(5))<<???>>

Answer: This error message is caused by having a semicolon in the SQL statement. The semicolon (;) will need to be removed from the SQL statement. Then you will be able to execute the statement and have it create the new Btrieve table.

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