Description of the updates for Office 2003 French grammar checker: November 9, 2004

Support for Office 2003 has ended

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Microsoft has released updates for the Office 2003 French grammar checker. The following "Article contents" section describes the information that this article contains about the update.
This update significantly improves the process for both finding and correcting grammatical errors in French-language documents that are created by using Microsoft Office Word 2003.

Note This updated French grammar checker supports the French spelling reform. There is an updated version of the French spelling checker for Microsoft Word under development, which gives full support for the new spelling reform. The updated French spelling checker will be available in 2005.

This update was first included in Office 2003 Service Pack 2. For more information about the latest service pack for Office 2003, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
870924 How to obtain the latest service pack for Office 2003
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To install these updates, you must have the following installed: back to the top

Known issues

Known issues that may occur after the update is installed

The Microsoft Office 2003 programs may revert to using an older version of the French grammar checker files when all the following conditions are true:
  • The grammar checker files become corrupted or are deleted.
  • You have any edition of Microsoft Office 2003 installed on your computer.
  • You have Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office Visio 2003, or Microsoft Office Project 2003 also installed on your computer.
  • You run the Detect and Repair feature in Office XP, in Visio 2003, or in Project 2003.
If you have the Office 2003 French grammar checker: November 9, 2004 update installed and have a version of the French grammar checker files that are older than the version of the files that are in these updates, you can restore the updated French grammar checker files. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. In the Currently installed programs list, click Microsoft Office program 2003, and then click Click here for support information.

    Note Do not click Microsoft Office Visio 2003 or Microsoft Project 2003 if you have other Office 2003 programs installed on your computer.
  4. Click Repair.

    Note You may have to insert the original program CD-ROM that you used to install Office 2003.
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Installation details

How to obtain and install the Office 2003 French grammar checker updates

We recommend that you install the client updates by using the Microsoft Office Update Web site. The Office Update Web site detects your particular installation of Microsoft Office and prompts you to install exactly what you must have to make sure that your Office installation is up-to-date.

To have the Office Update Web site detect the required updates that you must install on your computer, visit the following Microsoft Web site and then click Check for Updates: The client and administrative updates, and also installation instructions and deployment strategies, can also be found on the Microsoft Download Center.

For complete Microsoft Office 2003 functionality, do the following, depending on your Office 2003 installation: back to the top

How to determine whether the update is installed

The update contains files with the versions that are listed in the following table.
   File name      Version   -------------------------   Msgr3fr.lex    N/A   Msgr3fr.dll    5.1.3019.1
To determine the version of the Msgr3fr.dll file that is installed on your computer, follow these steps.

Note Because there are several versions of Microsoft Windows, the following steps may be different on your computer. If they are, see your product documentation to complete these steps.
  1. Click Start, and then click Search.
  2. In the Search Results pane, click All files and folders under Search Companion.
  3. In the All or part of the file name box, type Msgr3fr.dll, and then click Search.
  4. In the list of files, right-click the found file, and then click Properties.
  5. On the Version tab, determine the version of the Msgr3fr.dll file that is installed on your computer.
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Information for administrators about .msp files

The administrative update is made up of a full-file Microsoft Windows Installer patch file (.msp file) that is packaged in a self-extracting executable file.

The .msp files in the following table are distributed in this update:
Name of package fileName of .msp fileDescription
Office2003-kb873381-fullfile-enu.exeMsgr3frff.mspApplies to all Microsoft Office 2003 programs.
Office2003mui-kb873381-fullfile-enu.exe Framuiff.mspApplies to Microsoft Office 2003 Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI).
Office2003ptk-kb873381-fullfile-enu.exe Ptkff.mspApplies to Microsoft Office 2003 Proofing Tools Kit (PTK).
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Features for reinstalling specific components for administrators

If you update your administrative installation point and recache and reinstall Office 2003 on client computers, you can run a command line that includes the REINSTALL=[list of features] property. This property specifies whether you want to reinstall specific components of Office 2003 from the administrative image.

For all Office 2003 programs, the value for [list of features] is as follows:
For Office 2003Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI), the value for [list of features] is as follows:
For Office 2003 Proofing Tools Kit (PTK), the value for [list of features] is as follows:
Optionally, you can substitute the parameter REINSTALL=ALL to reinstall all Microsoft Office components on the client computer.

For detailed procedures to update an administrative image and update client computers, see the "Updating clients from a patched administrative image" section in the "Distributing Office 2003 product updates" topic. To view the "Distributing Office 2003 product updates" topic, visit the following Microsoft Web site:The Office Admin Update Center for Office IT Professionals contains the latest administrative updates and strategic deployment resources for all versions of Office. For more information about the Office Admin Update Center, visit the following Microsoft Web site:back to the top
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