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If you create a macro that attempts to change to an invalid directory path,you may receive either of the following error messages:
Run-time error '76': "Path not found"
Wordbasic error 76: "Path not found"
Before you switch to a directory using the Microsoft WordBasic or VisualBasic for Applications ChDir statement, ensure that the directory is valid.
Create macro code to test whether a directory path is valid.

Visual Basic for Applications

Microsoft provides examples of Visual Basic for Applications procedures forillustration only, without warranty either expressed or implied, including,but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitnessfor a particular purpose. The Visual Basic procedures in this article areprovided 'as is' and Microsoft does not guarantee that they can be used inall situations. While Microsoft support professionals can help explain thefunctionality of a particular macro, they will not modify these examples toprovide added functionality, nor will they help you construct macros tomeet your specific needs. If you have limited programming experience, youmay want to consult one of the Microsoft Solution Providers. SolutionProviders offer a wide range of fee-based services, including creatingcustom macros. For more information about Microsoft Solution Providers,call Microsoft Customer Information Service at (800) 426-9400.
   Sub ChangeDir()      cdDir = "<Replace with a valid directory path>"      If Dir(cdDir, vbDirectory) <> "" then         ChDir cdDir      Else         MsgBox "Specified directory is invalid!", vbOKOnly + vbCritical      End If   End Sub				


WARNING: ANY USE BY YOU OF THE CODE PROVIDED IN THIS ARTICLE IS ATYOUR OWN RISK. Microsoft provides this macro code 'as is' withoutwarranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but notlimited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitnessfor a particular purpose.

Word 6.x, 7.x:
   Sub MAIN      If CountDirectories("<Replace with a valid directory path>") \       > - 1 Then         MsgBox "Directory is valid"      Else         MsgBox "Directory is not valid"      End If   End Sub				
NOTE: The Word 6.x for Windows CountDirectories() function returns -1 ifthe directory path is not valid.

Word 2.0:
   Sub MAIN      On Error Goto errorhandle      ChDir "<Replace with a valid directory path>"   errorhandle: ' NOTE: This line must be left aligned.      If err = 76 Then         MsgBox "Directory is not valid"      Else         MsgBox "Directory is valid"      End If   End Sub				
The On Error statement is used to trap the WordBasic error. If the errornumber is 76, then a message box indicates that the path is not valid.

NOTE: Macintosh users, the above macro examples contain Windows pathinformation. Be sure to use a valid Macintosh path. For example:
ChDir "Mac HD:Microsoft Word 6"
"Using WordBasic," by WexTech Systems and Microsoft, page 162
winword word95 word7 word6 ChDir winword2 macword word8 word97

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