Runtime Error 429 'ActiveX Component Cannot Create Object' in WTS

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Potential Causes

1. The Network Library settings for SQL Server may need to be changed. See Resolution 8226.

2. An OEM Network Interface Card is being used. See >Resolution 362.

3. An outdated or incorrect NIC driver is being used. See Resolution 1896.

4. Windows NT 4.0 is being used. See Resolution 22909.


Resolution 362 - Use a different Network Interface Card and driver.

Resolution 1896 - Install the latest Network Interface Card driver from the manufacturer.

Note - Contact the manufacturer to obtain the latest drivers.

Resolution 8226 - Change the order in which protocols load in the Microsoft SQL Server Client Network Utility.

1. Click on Start | Programs | Microsoft SQL Server | Client Network Utility.

2. Under the General tab, verify that both Named Pipes and TCP/IP are enabled.

3. If they are not, enable both and test the issue again.

4. If they are both enabled, change the order in which they load by highlighting the top item and pressing the down arrow below.

5. Click OK.


1. There is no set recommendation on which protocol should be loading first. Depending on network configurations, one protocol may work better than the other.

2. The way in which the network is configured for obtaining IP Addresses may affect performance and/or connectivity with Solomon. Typically, Named Pipes should load first with Static IP, and TCP/IP should load first with DHCP; however, this is not always the case.

3. Troubleshooting these types of issues is usually a matter of trying both to determine which provides better performance.

Resolution 22909 - Upgrade the operating system to Windows 2000.

Note - Contact the hardware manufacturer prior to upgrading to Windows 2000 to ensure that all hardware is compatible with Windows 2000.

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