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WinWord: How to Embed a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide

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This article describes how to embed a slide from version 3.0 or later ofMicrosoft PowerPoint for Windows into a Microsoft Word for Windowsdocument using the Clipboard.

To embed a slide from PowerPoint for Windows, you must be in slidesorter view. In any other view, PowerPoint copies the information tothe Clipboard in picture format only. When you choose Paste Specialfrom the Edit menu in Word for Windows, the source is listed asUnknown.
To correctly embed a slide from version 3.0 or later of MicrosoftPowerPoint for Windows into a Microsoft Word for Windows document, usethe following steps:

  1. In PowerPoint for Windows, click Slide Sorter on the View menu to display the presentation slides in Slide Sorter view.
  2. Select the slide you want to embed in your Word for Windows document.
  3. On the Edit menu, click Copy.
  4. Switch to Word for Windows. Open the document in which you want to embed the PowerPoint slide.
  5. Position the insertion point where you want to embed the slide.
  6. On the Edit menu, click Paste Special. Under Data Type, select PowerPoint Slide Object, and then click OK.
The selected slide is now embedded. If you want to edit the slidein PowerPoint, double-click the embedded slide.
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