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Many error messages are logged in the Ddm.log file in Systems Management Server 2003

When you view the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Ddm.log file, you notice that many error messages that are similar to the following are logged:

CDiscoveryProperty::Validate - String property "NetBIOS Name" exceeds stated maximum length of 16 $$<SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER>
CDiscoveryItem::ParseMem - Property "NetBIOS Name" is invalid. $$<SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER> CDiscoverDataManager::GetItem - parsing failed. Bad DDR $$<SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER>
CDiscoverDataManager::ProcessDDRs_PS - creating file C:\SMS\inboxes\\BAD_DDRS\l421opdd.DDR $$<SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER>
CDiscoverDataManager::ProcessDDRs_PS - Moved bad DDR $$<SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER>
Processing file SW_c17c5.DDR $$<SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER>
Note The Ddm.log file is located in the SMS\Logs folder.
The problem occurs if all the following conditions are true:
  • An SMS 2003 client is installed on a computer that has a computer name that has more than 16 characters.
  • The Discovery Data Record (DDR) is not successfully sent from the client to the server, the DDR does not successfully process on the Management Point (MP), or the DDR does not arrive at the site before the software inventory report, according to timing and roaming conditions.
  • The software inventory report is generated by the same client and is processed by the site server before the DDR, or the software inventory report is generated by the same client and is processed by the site server while the site does not have a discovery record for that client.
When all these conditions are true, the Software Inventory Processor creates a DDR for the client and improperly specifies the field length of the NetBIOS name property in the DDR.

Software Inventory Processor sets 16 characters as the maximum length of a valid NetBIOS name. Therefore, the DDR is rejected by Discovery Data Manager (DDM). If no other discovery data arrives, such as a DDR by way of DDM, the Software Inventory Processor continues to loop. This regenerates new DDRs that are rejected and moved to the BAD_DDRS folder.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.
The problem self-corrects when a heartbeat DDR or hardware inventory arrives for that client.

Note Inventory processing for the client is blocked if a full inventory is pushed aside.

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Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003

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