Windows Err Msg: An Old Version of UNIDRV.DLL Is Installed...

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When you choose the Printers icon from the Windows 3.1 Control Panel,and then choose the Setup button, Windows may display the followingmessage:
An old version of UNIDRV.DLL is installed on your system. Your printer requires a newer version. Install the updated UNIDRV.DLL file into your Windows SYSTEM directory.
When you choose OK to dismiss the message, Windows displays thefollowing:
Control Panel

Not enough memory available for this task. Quit one or more applications to increase available memory, and then try again.
NOTE: This second message does not accurately describe the problem;ignore this message.
As the first error message indicates, this problem occurs when a printerdriver does not match the version of UNIDRV.DLL currently installed. Thistypically occurs when you attempt to manually copy an updated printerdriver file into the Windows SYSTEM or Windows directory, without actuallyupdating the UNIDRV.DLL and driver file through Control Panel.
To correct the problem:

  1. Reinstall the printer driver through Control Panel:

    1. Choose the Printers icon, and choose the Add button.
    2. Select Install Unlisted Or Updated Printer, then choose the Install button.
    3. Type the directory path to the OEMSETUP.INF file for the printer driver and UNIDRV.DLL combination. (This will install the printer driver as well as its associated UNIDRV.DLL.
    - or -
  2. Copy the UNIDRV.DLL and UNIDRV.HLP files, which came with the updated printer driver, into your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.
  3. If UNIDRV.DLL exists in the C:\WINDOWS directory, remove it. UNIDRV.DLL should reside in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.
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Microsoft Windows 3.1 Standard Edition, Microsoft Windows 3.11 Standard Edition

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