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Phoenix BIOS: Latest Versions and How to Identify Them

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This article discusses the following information about Phoenix ROM BIOS:

  • Phoenix ROM versions for Microsoft Windows
  • Latest versions of the Phoenix ROM BIOS
  • How to find Phoenix ROM BIOS versions
  • Where to obtain the latest Phoenix ROM BIOS

Phoenix ROM Versions for Windows

According to Phoenix Technologies, if you have a ROM BIOS version dated1988 or earlier, you should upgrade to a later version to eliminate anypossible conflicts or unexplained behavior with Windows 3.0, 3.0a, and 3.1.

Latest Versions of the Phoenix ROM BIOS

The latest version of the Phoenix ROM BIOS for PC/AT clones (80286) isversion 3.1. The latest version of the Phoenix BIOS Plus for 80386 machinesis version 1.10-xx (where xx is any original equipment manufacturer's [OEM]revision number).

How to Find Phoenix ROM BIOS Versions

To check the true BIOS date on a machine equipped with Phoenix ROM BIOS, dothe following:

  1. Type the following command at the command prompt and press ENTER:
  2. Type the following and press ENTER:
    d F000:FFDC
In most cases, the Debug command displays the following three lines for thePhoenix Technologies ROM BIOS (the example below assumes a date of08/29/89):
   F000:FFD0 <2-byte HEX numbers> 0088   F000:FFE0 <2-byte HEX numbers> //2299//8899   F000:FFF0 <2-byte HEX number> ...<date>				
The double-date format is the actual true date for the system ROM BIOS.Bits two and three on line 1 and line 2 are taken from each four-bitnumber. In the above example, the date would be 08/29/89. The date on thethird line is the original release or revision date.

To exit the Debug program, at the dash (-) type q and press ENTER. This returns you to an MS-DOS command prompt.

Where to Obtain the Latest Phoenix ROM BIOS

For further information concerning BIOS acquisition or compatibility,contact MicroFirmWare, which provides technical support for PhoenixTechnologies.

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