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Description of the Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter update: February 8, 2005

Support for Office 2003 has ended

Microsoft ended support for Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. This change has affected your software updates and security options. Learn what this means for you and how to stay protected.

This article has been archived. It is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated.
Microsoft has released the Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB891067). This article describes the following information about the update.
This optional update provides the Junk E-mail Filter in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with a more current definition of the e-mail messages that should be considered junk e-mail messages. This update is dated February 8, 2005. Additional updates will follow.

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Update details

Earlier released updates that are replaced by this update

The Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB891067) replaces the following previously released update:

890854 Description of the Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter update: January 11, 2005
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Installation details

How to obtain and install the update

The update is located at the Microsoft Download Center. To download the update from the Microsoft Download Center and to view installation instructions and deployment strategies, visit the following Web site: back to the top

How to determine whether the update is installed

NoteBecause there are several versions of Microsoft Windows, the following steps may be different on your computer. If they are, see your product documentation to complete these steps.
  1. Click Start, and then click Search.
  2. In the Search Results window, click All files and folders in the Search Companion pane.
  3. In the All or part of the file name box, type outlfltr.dat, and then click Search.
  4. In the list of files, right-click Outlfltr.dat, and then click Properties.
  5. On the Version tab, determine the date, time, and size of the Outlfltr.dat file that is installed on your computer.
This update contains files with the versions that are listed in the following table.
  Date          Time    Version      Size        File name   -----------------------------------------------------------   01-Jan-2005   15:55                3,674,419   Outlfltr.dat   15-Apr-2004   22:50   1.3.1509.1     117,976   Outlfltr.dll
You do not have to install this update if you have a later version of the files that are listed in the table.

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Information for administrators about .msp files

The administrative update is made up of a full-file Microsoft Windows Installer software update file (.msp file) that is packaged in a self-extracting executable file. The following .msp file is distributed in this update:
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Features for reinstalling specific components for administrators

If you update your administrative installation point and then recache and reinstall Outlook 2003 on client computers, you can run a command line that includes the REINSTALL=[ list of features] property. This property specifies whether you want to reinstall specific components of Outlook 2003 from the administrative image. For this update, the value for [ list of features] is as follows:
Additionally, you can substitute the parameter REINSTALL=ALLto reinstall all Microsoft Office components on the client computer.

For detailed procedures that explain how to update an administrative image and to update client computers, see the "Updating clients from a patched administrative image" section in the "Strategies for Updating Office 2003 Installations" topic. To view the "Strategies for Updating Office 2003 Installations" topic, visit the following Microsoft Web site: The Office Admin Update Center for Office IT professionals contains the latest administrative updates and strategic deployment resources for all versions of Office. For more information about the Office Admin Update Center, visit the following Microsoft Web site:back to the top
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