Network connection icons are missing from the Network Connections folder in Windows XP

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When you open your Network Connections folder in Microsoft Windows XP, you find that your network connections are not listed. The network connection icons are missing, including the wireless network connection icon.
This problem may occur if the following conditions are true:
  • There is an invalid entry in the Rasphone.pbk file. Some third-party programs may create invalid entries in the Rasphone.pbk file.
  • You have installed the hotfix that is described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
    829652 You cannot log on after you correctly change your log on credentials
If there is an invalid entry in the Rasphone.pbk file, and hotfix 829652 is not installed, Windows does not parse the invalid entry. However, if hotfix 829652 is installed, Windows will try to process the invalid entry, and this may prevent Rasman.dll from fully initializing. When this problem occurs, the network connection icons are not created in the Network Connections folder.

Note We do not recommend that you manually change the .pbk file.

Hotfix information

A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft. However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article. Apply this hotfix only to systems that are experiencing this specific problem. This hotfix might receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next software update that contains this hotfix.

If the hotfix is available for download, there is a "Hotfix download available" section at the top of this Knowledge Base article. If this section does not appear, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support to obtain the hotfix.

Note If additional issues occur or if any troubleshooting is required, you might have to create a separate service request. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for this specific hotfix. For a complete list of Microsoft Customer Service and Support telephone numbers or to create a separate service request, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Note The "Hotfix download available" form displays the languages for which the hotfix is available. If you do not see your language, it is because a hotfix is not available for that language.

File information

The English version of this hotfix has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time tool in Control Panel.
Windows XP, 32-bit editions
   Date         Time   Version           Size     File name   --------------------------------------------------------------   02-Dec-2004  07:34  5.1.2600.1612      76,288  Ipsec.sys   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     334,848  Ipsecsnp.dll        14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     164,864  Ipsecsvc.dll        14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     364,544  Ipsmsnap.dll        14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     261,120  Oakley.dll          14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612      98,304  Polstore.dll        14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1623     224,768  Rasapi32.dll        14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1623     634,368  Rasdlg.dll          14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612      57,344  Rasman.dll          14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     163,840  Rasmans.dll         14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612      29,184  Winipsec.dll        09-Feb-2005  20:37  5.1.2600.1621     594,944  Xpsp2res.dll        14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     183,808  Gptext.dll
Windows XP, 64-bit edition
   Date         Time   Version           Size     File name        Platform   ------------------------------------------------------------------------    14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612     509,952  Gptext.dll       IA-64   01-Dec-2004  14:39  5.1.2600.1612     257,920  Ipsec.sys   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612     891,904  Ipsecsnp.dll     IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612     504,320  Ipsecsvc.dll     IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612   1,225,728  Ipsmsnap.dll     IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612     574,464  Oakley.dll       IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612     317,952  Polstore.dll     IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1623     708,096  Rasapi32.dll     IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1623   1,491,456  Rasdlg.dll       IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612     175,104  Rasman.dll       IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612     490,496  Rasmans.dll      IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:09  5.1.2600.1612      87,040  Winipsec.dll     IA-64   09-Feb-2005  20:36  5.1.2600.1621     594,432  Xpsp2res.dll     IA-64   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     183,808  Wgptext.dll      x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     334,848  Wipsecsnp.dll    x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     164,864  Wipsecsvc.dll    x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     364,544  Wipsmsnap.dll    x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     261,120  Woakley.dll      x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612      98,304  Wpolstore.dll    x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1623     224,768  Wrasapi32.dll    x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1623     634,368  Wrasdlg.dll      x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612      57,344  Wrasman.dll      x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612     163,840  Wrasmans.dll     x86   14-Feb-2005  20:12  5.1.2600.1612      29,184  Wwinipsec.dll    x86   09-Feb-2005  20:37  5.1.2600.1621     594,944  Wxpsp2res.dll    x86
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