Hauppauge Win/TV and Windows

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When you use the Hauppauge Win/TV video system with Windows, you maynotice the following limitations:

  • The color magenta (purple with red) does not display correctly. This is a limitation of the Hauppauge video, and may apply to other television video boards also.
  • You may experience problems loading and saving still-frame pictures.
  • You may experience difficulty using WinTV with Microsoft Video for Windows.
In addition, the 16,000,000 color mode that some video adapterssupport will not work with WinTV.
Win/TV is a combination hardware/software system that allows Windowsusers to view full-motion video and television in a resizable window.Win/TV also allows Windows users to capture screens and save them in avariety of graphic file formats (for example, BMP, GIF, PCX, MMP).

In order to use Microsoft Video for Windows, the WinTV card andsoftware must be revision 'D' or later. To upgrade the card, you mustreturn it to the factory so that the IRQ can be reset to IRQ 15.

Magenta Displays Incorrectly

The magenta display problem occurs because the Win/TV system uses atechnique called "color keying" to mix the computer's standard videosignal with a television signal generated by the Win/TV hardware.

The color keying process does not actually send the television signalthrough Windows. Rather, the Win/TV software fills its on-screenwindow (the display area) with a solid block of magenta and sends thelocation of the display area to the Win/TV hardware.

When the video signal is sent out from the computer's video adapter,the Win/TV hardware superimposes its television signal over anyoccurrence of magenta that lies within the bounds of the display area.Under normal circumstances, this allows other windows to be displayedon top of the Win/TV window.

Problems Loading/Saving Still-Frame Pictures

If a computer has 16 megabytes (MB) of RAM installed, the user shouldupgrade to WinTV version 2.03 or later. This solves the problem ofloading and saving still-frame pictures. The current versions of WinTVcan save and load still-frame pictures while Windows is in 386enhanced mode only. This is by design.

Using WinTV with Microsoft Video for Windows

To use Microsoft Video for Windows, the WinTV card and software mustbe revision 'D' or later. To upgrade the card, you must return it tothe factory so that the IRQ can be reset to IRQ 15.

The Hauppauge Win/TV product included here is manufactured by a vendorindependent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise,regarding this product's performance or reliability.

Win/TV Installation and Reference Manual, pages 1-1 through 1-2
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