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How to determine the total cost for a bill of materials (BOM) in Microsoft Axapta

Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta 3.0 is now part of Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0. All references to Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta and Microsoft Axapta pertain to Microsoft Dynamics AX.
In Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta 3.0, the total cost for a bill of materials (BOM) is determined by the BOM calculation. To run a BOM calculation, you can use the Items form in the Inventory management module.
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BOM definition

The BOM shows all parts or raw materials (each BOM line) that are required to make one finished item. Each line of the BOM must show the quantities of each component that is required to make the assembly. A BOM may include various sub-BOMs.To view the lines of a BOM:
  1. In the Main Menu window, click Inventory management, and then click Bill of materials.
  2. Click the BOM that you want to view, and then click the Lines button.

BOM calculation

A calculation determines the cost of a BOM. The general data for the calculation can be defined from the BOM Calculation form to include the calculated cost, sales price, and net weight. By making calculations, you can see the following:
  • The estimated BOM cost on all BOM levels
  • How a single item or operation contributes to the cost of its BOM level
  • How much all items and operations on a particular level contribute to the overall cost
  • An overview that shows summarized costs for cost groups
To run a BOM calculation:
  1. In the Main Menu window, click Inventory management, and then click Items.
  2. Click the item on which you want to run the calculation. Make sure that the item's Item type is set to BOM.
  3. Click the BOM button, and then click Calculation.
  4. In the BOM calculation form, click the Calculation button.
The total cost of the BOM in Microsoft Axapta can be viewed in the calculation form only by using the cost price field. During BOM calculation, the raw material costs and the setup costs that are specified in the routes are used. After the BOM calculation is completed, the results are shown on the Price/Discount tab in the Items form of Inventory management. The cost price field displays the raw material costs. The Price miscellaneous charges field displays the setup costs.
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